lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Nightwish "Last Of The Wilds" Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) 2009
Queensryche "Silver" American Soldier 2009
Herman Frank "Moon II" Loyal To None 2009
Hysterica "Halloween" Metalwar 2009
Mastodon "Oblivion" Crack The Skye 2009
AC/DC "Big Jack" Black Ice 2008
Habeas Corpus "La Razon Del Poder" Justicia 2008
Huma "Rumbo Hacia El Sol" Semilla Del Mal 2009
The Crazy Mandingos "Reload" The Crazy Mandingos
El Fantastico Hombre Bala "Caminos De Espina" Estigmas 1996
Marea "Nana de Quebranto+Mala Sombra" Las Putas Mas Viejas Del Mundo 2008
Malefice "Abandon Hope" Dawn Of Reprisal 2009
The Burning "Cloven Hoof" Rewakening 2009
God Forbid "Empire Of The Gun" Earthsblood 2009
1st Liberation "I Got The Right To Lose My Mind" I Got The Right To Lose My Mind 2008
Bad Wizard "Endless Lady" Free & Easy 2001
Vanna "Like Changing Seasons" A New Hope 2009
Guns N' Roses "Better" Chinese Democracy 2008
Jorge Salan "Trouble Walking" Subsuelo 2009
Lilith "Todo Es Nada" Sal Si Puedes 2009
Lobo Electrico "La Ciudad De Las Virgenes" ¿Has Visto Al Lobo Electrico? 2005
Nancy Hole "Una Sonrisa Salvaje" Angeles 2009
Slow Motion Co. "Gas Station Witch" The Slowest Days of Our Lives
Supersuckers "I'm A Fucking Genius" Get It Together 2008
Medusa Stone "Pills And Pot" Shaking Hands 2008
Street Legal "Warriors Of Genghis Khan" Bite The Bullet 2009

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