viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Bourbon en La Abaceria, Utrera, esta noche

Playlist del Lunes 24 de Junio

Así quedó el programa del lunes pasado:

G.A.S. Drummers "We Got The Light"
The Quill "Freak Parade"
Airbourne "Animalize"
High On Fire "Frost Hammer"
Black Sabbath "Loner"
Dragonauta "Nautilus 666"
Attila "Regeaholics"
Queensryche "Spore"
Tobeatic "Axe And The Fire"
Pat Travers "Snortin' Whiskey Drinkin' Cocaine"
Crisix "Seven"
The Michael Schenker Group"
The Delta Saints "Jericho"
Crashdiet "Liquid Jesus"
Loud At Least! "I Am"
42 Decibels "Scotch Drinker"
Valient Thorr "Torn Apart"
Jesus Crüshler Supercar "Some Good And Some Good"
Bourbon "El Dia De La Redencion"
Clutch "The Face"
Def Con Dos "Definete"
Hogjaw "Six Shots"
Kadavar "Dust"
Kingsnake "Fang Of The Cobra"
Orchid "Leaving It All Behind"
Tracer "Wolf In Cheap Clothes"

No fue este el orden pero si el contenido, puedes oirlo el domingo a las 21:00 hora española en Pasion FM Radio

lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Playlist del Lunes 17 de Junio

El programa de pasado lunes quedó así:

Children of Bodom "Waste of Skin"
Tobeatic "All To Hell"
Jesus Chrüsler Superstar "Killing Machine"
Dragonauta "Frozen Neptunian Demons"
Astray "Cast My Stone"
Deville "Iron Fed"
Spiritual Beggars "Too Old To Die Young"
Black Sabbath "Live forever"
Arenna "Fall Of The Crosses"
Entombed "Welcome Home"
Testament "Powerslave"
Megadeth "Cold Sweat"
Gamma Ray "Death Or Glory"
Jorn "Overload"
Masterplan "The Game"
Status Quo "GoGoGo"
Pat Travers "Rock'n'Roll Susie"
Spike "Be Good To Yourself"
Bourbon "El Rey"
Devil's Dandruff "Sunday Morning"
The Smokers "La Ultima Apuesta"
Lone Star "Rio Sin Fin"
Los Coronas "La Huida"
Robert Cray "The Grinder"
The Michael Schenker Group "Ready To Rock"
Al Di Meola "Eleanor Rigby"

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domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Playlist de Lunes 10 de Junio

Esto es lo que dieron de si las dos horas largas programa:

Al Di Meola "Race With The Devil On A Spanish Highway"
Los Coronas "The Wedge"
Robert Cray "Waiting For The Tide To Turn"
Fito & Fitipaldis "No Soy Bo Didley"
The Michael Schenker Group "Rock My Nights Away"
Gamma Ray "Empire Of The Undead"
Megadeth "Kingmaker"
Tank "Kill Or Be Killed"
Children Of Bodom "Slleping In My Car"
Testament "Animal Magnetism"
Black Sabbath "Methademic"
The Winery Dogs "Elevate"
The Deep End "Bigger, Better, Badder"
Airbourne "You Got The Skills (To Pay The Bills)"
Status Quo "Looking Out For Caroline"
Deep Purple "It'll Be Me"
Alice In Chains "Phantom Limb"
Beastwars "Caul Of Time"
Deville "Lava"
Kadavar "Eye Of The Storm"
Bourbon "El Inquilino"
Star Mafia Boy "Corriendo Salvaje"
Sobredosis "Ultimo Cartucho"
Muro "Honorable"
Tierra Santa "Genghis Khan"
Baron Rojo "Los rockeros Van Al Infierno"

Ya sabes, los domingos a las 21:00 (GMT+2) se repite en Pasion FM Radio

domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Playlist de lunes 3 de Junio

Así nos quedó el programa:

Y&T "I'm Coming Home"
Sebastian Bach "Big Guns"
Orange Goblin "They Come Back"
Michael Schenker Group "Rock You To The Ground"
Robert Cray "Bad Influence"
Dirty York "Be Home & Alive"
The Answer "Waste Your Tears"
Stacie Collins "Hey Mister"
Bourbon "Johnny Ha Vuelto Al Barrio"
Def Con Dos "Las Caricaturas de Lars Vilks"
42 Decibels "Rocker Soul"
Bullet For My Valentine "Breaking Point "
Vicious Rumors "Black X List"
U.D.O. "Death Ride"
Anvil "Fire At Will"
Foxy Shazam "Holy Touch"
David Bowie "Dancing Out In Space"
The Night Flight Orchestra "Montreal Midnight Supply"
Kingdom Come "The Trap Is Alive"
Loud At Least! "Anything"
Joe Satriani "A Door Into Summer"
Tesla "Bad Reputation"
Tracer "Now I Ride"
Clutch "Cyborg Bette"
Motorhead "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
"Sodom "Shoot Today Kill Tomorrow"

Tanto si te lo perdiste como si quieres oirlo de nuevo, esta noche se repite a las 21:00 (GMT+2) en Pasion FM Radio

sábado, 1 de junio de 2013

Dirty York en Supersonic, domingo 2 Junio

Playlist de lunes 27 de Mayo

.... y así quedó:

Los Coronas "Rancho Leone"
M.S.G. "Assault Attack"
Black Country Communion "Midnight Sun"
U.D.O. "Take My Medicine"
Anvil "Eat Your Words"
Crisix "Rise... Then Rest"
Volbeat "Ecotone"
Southammer "Red Sun"
Airbourne "Hungry"
Troy Torino "Stone"
Alice In Chains "Stone"
Queens of the Stone Age "I Sat By The Ocean"
Clutch "Book, Saddle and Go"
Kingsnake "Mountain Girl"
The Heavy Co. "The Humboldt County Waltz"
Kadavar "Liquid Dream"
Tracer "Lady Killer"
Danava "I Am The Skull"
Beastwars "Imperium"
Narco "Tu Ley"
Love Division "Helter Skelter"
Hammercross "Apariencia"
Samesugas "Trembling Hands"
Citizen Brain "Let's Go...You Go First"
Gravel Guts "Spending Time On R'n'R"
Kitty In A Casket "Dancing With The Devil"
Wolvespirit "Gipsy Queens"

mañana a las 21:00 (GMT+2) se repite en Pasion FM Radio