jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Playlist del lunes

El pasado lunes tuvimos la edición numero 24 de este año, en la que sonó:

Black Rainbows "Burn Your Nation"
L.A. Guns "Hollywood Forever"
The Soul Jacket "Revolutions"
Crucified Barbara "The Crucifier"
Tank "War Nation"
Jettblack "Raining Rock"
Sepultura "Dead Embryonic Cells"
Words Of Farewell "Ever After"
4arm "While I Like Awake"
Little Caesar "Hard Rock Hell"
Sticky Boys "Great Big Dynamite"
Tygers of Pan Tang "Suzie Smiled"
Rush "Seven Cities of Gold"
Circus Maximus "Used"
Jorn "Ride To The Guns"
Kreator "Your Heaven, My Hell"
Imperial State Electric "Enough To Break Our Hearts"
Motochrist "The Fist"
El Paso Killers "The Devil's Shy"
Concrete Worms "Bad Feelin'"
Grat White "Feelin' So Much"
Leather Boys "Long Road"
Star Mafia Boy "Reina de las Calles"

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Little Caesar, Supersonic Miércoles 20 Junio

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Playlist de Lunes

El lunes hubo de casi todo en el programa y todo bueno, al menos esa era la intención....

Zach Williams & The Reformation "Gravy Train"
Little Caesar "Holy Roller"
Electric Mary "Slave"
Gotthard "Fight"
Joe Bonamassa "I Got All You Need"
Antigua y Julio Castejon "Es Nuestro Momento"
The Night Flight Orchestra "Miami 5:02
Jaded Heart "Run and Hide"
Crucified Barbara "Into The Fire"
Grand Magus "Valhalla Rising"
Candlemass "Prophet"
Kreator "Death To The World"
Fear factory "God Eater"
Metallica "Hate Train"
Hellectrokuters "Action"
King Lizard "Video Lover"
Rock City Morgue "Grave Mistake"
The Homebreakers "She Rocks"
Malice "Godz of Thunder"
Gods of Gamble "Dying Sun"
Heathen "The Holy War" (Thin Lizzy)
Arenna "Receiving The Liquid Writings"
Viaje a 800 "Oculi Omnium In Te Sperant Domine"
Orthodox "Taurus"
Adrift "Mallet Man"