martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Playlist de ayer

antes de que se me pase, como en algunas ocasiones........ esto es lo que sonó ayer:

Stacie Collins "It Ain't Love"
Dirty York "Black Friday"
La Huella Muda "Inmigrante"
Uzzhuaïa "Mas Allá"
Hora Zulú "Caigan del Cielo"
The Inductors "Band of Thieves"
Sex Museum "Let Me Go Home"
Burdel King "Lo Llaman Democracia"
Iron Maiden "Coming Home"
Hogjaw "Dirty Woman"
Zach Williams & The Reformation "Moving On"
The Head Cat "Trying To Get To You"
Diamond Dogs "Set Fire To It Alll"
Imperial State Electric "Can't Seem To Shake It Off My Mind"
Vanderbuyst "Anarchistic Storm"
Phenomena "Gotta Move"
CTP "Too Young"
Axel Rudi Pell "Ghost In The Black"
3 Inches of Blood "Metal Woman"
RAM "I Am The End"
Overkill "Electric Rattlesnake" 
Gun Barrel "Brace For Impact"
Nitrogods "Demolition Inc."
Adrenaline Mob "Indifferent"
Kissin' Dynamite "Sex Is War"
Ministry "Double Tap"

domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Playlist de lunes

como casi siempre tarde............ esto sonó el lunes pasado, lo puedes oir en la repetición del domingo, a las 21:00

Accept "The Abyss" live
Stacie Collins "Don't Doubt Me Now"
Dirty York "Stop The Rumours"
Uzzhuaïa "Cuando Ya No Queda Nada"
La Huella Muda "Vicio y Dinero"
Star Mafia Boy "Siempre Es Por Ti"
Burdel King "Esta Noche Huele A Rock'n'Roll"
Lowshake "Attitude"
Viaje a 800 "Ni Perdon Ni Olvido"
Kentucky Bridgeburners "We All Know That Jesus Did...."
Fastway "Deliver Me"
Cadaver Dogs "Slingshot"
The Dubrovniks "She Got No Love"
James Byrd's Atlantis Rising "Chasing The Shadows Away"
Foxy Shazam "I Like It"
Jeff Scott Soto "Look Inside Your Heart"
Van Halen "As Is"
King Lizard "Kan't Kill Rock'n'Roll"
Imperial State Electric "Deride and Conquer"
Blaze Bayley "The Rainbow Fades to Black"
Primal Rock Rebellion "Savage World"
Death "God of Thunder"
Napalm Death "The Wolf I Feed"

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Uzzhuaïa en Cabaret, Utrera, 20 de Abril

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Stacie Collins en Supersonic, Cádiz, el Jueves 29

Playlist de anoche

El programa de anoche estuvo lleno de novedades y de mucha tralla........ esto es lo que sonó:

Motörhead "Killed By Death" The World Is Ours
Judas Priest "Exciter" Single Cuts 12
Pretty Maids "Back To Back" It Comes Alive
Tygers of Pan Tang "Take It" BBC Recordings
Accept "Stalingrad" advance
The Treatment "The Doctor" This Might Hurt
RAM "Flame of the Tyrants" Death
Vanderbuyst "String of Beads" In Dutch
Dynazty "Come Alive" Sultans of Sin
Nitrogods "Wasted in Berlin" Nitrogods
Adrenaline Mob "Undauted" Omerta
Soulfly "Intervention" Enslaved
Metallica "Rebel in Babylon" Beyond Magnetic
Nemesis "Master Commander" Forever In Metal
Furyon "Stand Like Stone" Gravitas
Fouriuso "Sexy Things (The Ecstasy)" Black Signs
UFO "Other Men's Wives" Seven Deadly 
Jeff Scott Soto "Die A Little" Damaga Control
Brut Boogaloo "Messed Up A Good Thing" Dirty Living
Devil's Dandruff "Desert In Bloom" The King of Contradiction
La Huella Muda "Falsas Palabras" Tragico Final
Jack Blades "Born For This" Rock'n'Roll Ride
The Flaming Sideburns "Loose My Soul" Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah
Y&T "On With The Show" Facemelter
Turbonegro "Get It On" We Are A Bunch Of Motherfuckers
Foxy Shazam "Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll " Church Of Rock And Roll 

martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Playlist de anoche

Esto es lo que dio de si el programa de anoche:

Judas Priest "The Sentinel" Priest Live!
Ronnie Montrose "Blood Alley" Guitar Speaks Vol. 1 
Primal Rock Rebellion "No Place Like Home" Awoken Broken 
Rage "Concrete Wall" 21 
Blessed By A Broken Heart "Shut Up And Rock" Feel the Power 
Picture "Killer in my Sights" Warhorse 
UFO "Wondrland" Seven Deadly 
Tricky Woo Lover Don't You Lie" First Blush 
Rollins Band "Get Some Go Again" Get Some Go Again
Rory Gallagher "Follow Me" Top Priority 
Mahogany Rush "Learned My Lesson Well" Eye os the Storm 
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band "Nine Tonight" Nine Tonight 
Alvin Lee "Rock & Toll Girls" In Tennessee 
Queens of the Stone Age "Everybody Knows That You're Insane" Lullabies to Paralyze 
The Black Halos "Shooting Stars" The Black Halos 
King Mastino "Paper Hero" Hold Fast 
The Hellacopters "Speedfreak" 
 Alligator Stew "Two Wheels" Alligator Stew 
38 Special "Hurts Like love" Drivetrain 
Jack Bruce "I Feel Free" More Jack Than God 
Reverend Horton Heat "The Happy Camper" Revival 
Los Farelli "LLevo Poco Equipaje" Parte I y II 
La Huella Muda "TRagico Final" Tragico Final 
The Buzzos "Hit The Gas" Nowhere Train 
El Paso Killers "My Home" Fuego en Ciudad Juarez 
Koma "Sin Oxigeno" La Maldicion Divina 
Viaje a 800 "El Amor es un Perro del Infierno" Estampida de Trombones 

Gracias por la sintonia!!!!!!!!

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012