domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 22 de Diciembre

Penúltimo programa del año, prácticamente un resumen.....

AC/DC "Rock the Blues Away"
Black Hat Bones "Maneater"
Mr. Big "Gotta Love the Ride"
Ace Frehley "I Wanna Hold You"
Blood God "Sexy Music for Sexy People"
Accept "Dark Side of My Heart"
Hellion "Rockin' Till The End"
Anthrax "Madhouse"
Star Mafia Boy "La Reina de la Fiesta"
The Monster Ones "Alien Paradise"
Sex Museum "Judee Sill"
The Soulbreaker Co "How Will We Get By?"
Julian Maeso "What About Sad John"
Stingers "On The Way"
The Quireboys "Double Dealin'"
Fu Manchu "Radio Source Sagittarius"
John Garcia "Saddleback"
Bloody Hammers "Under Satan's Sun"
Wolfmother "How Many Times"
Truckfighters "Mind Control"
Orange Goblin "Demon Blues"
Chrome Division "(She's) Hot Tonight"
Texas Hippie Coalition "El Diablo Rojo"
Overkill "Where There's Smoke"
Rigor Mortis "Poltergeist"
Morgoth "God Is Evil"

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domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 15 de Diciembre

No hemos pretendido hacer un especial del año, pero algo similar nos salió......

U.D.O. "Decadent"
Lynch Mob "Erotika"
Radio Moscow "So Alone"
Mars Red Sky "Hovering Satellites"
Wishbone Ash "Take It Back"
Rival Sons "Play the Fool"
AC/DC "Hard Times"
Bulletrain "Dark Days (Dark Nights)"
Foo Fighters "Congragation"
Electric Mary "Welcome to the Otherside"
Mustasch "All My Life"
The Last Vegas "Lucky 13"
H.E.A.T. "Inferno"
Nazareth "Puch a Hole in the Sky"
Slash "Wicked Stone"
Crucified Barbara "The Ghost Inside"
Brant Bjork "Stokely Up Now"
American Sharks "Overdrive"
Beasto Blanco "Bloodshot"
Mastodon "The Motherload"
Ratos de Porao "Puta, Viagra e Corrupçao"
Obituary "Within A Dying Breed"
At The Gates "At War With Reality"
Machine Head "Game Over"
Exodus "Salt The Wound"
System of a Down "Cigaro"

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domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 1 de Diciembre

Variado, cuando menos quedó un programa variado..........

Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns "I'm Alone Because I Love You"
Hayseed Dixie "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Eli "Paperboy" Reed "Ace of Spades"
The Detroit Cobras "Ya Ya Ya (Looking for my aby)"
The Solution "Soulmover"
The Ramones "We're A Happy Family"
The Dubrovnicks "Audio Sonic Love Affair"
AC/DC "Baptism of Fire"
Accept "Final Journey"
Bloodgod "Mr. Kill"
Saxon "Denim & Leather"
Europe "Suicide"
The Melvins "Eyes On You"
Buenas Noches Rose "Buenas Noches Rose"
Guitar Mafia "Rock'n'Roll Mama"
Ilegales "Regreso al Sexo Quimicamente Puro"
Jupiter "Destrozado por tu Pasion"
Coz "Chica de Cristal"
Bella Bestia "Bella Bestia"
Hora Zulú "AVer Si Me Entiendes"
Estigia "Fuerzas de Seguridad"
Fuck Off "Witch (Hell Below the Belly)"
Alabama Thunderpussy "Ambition"
Red Fang "Human Herd"
Brant Bjork "We Don't Serve Their Kind"
Sodom "Sacred Warpath"
Rigor Mortis "Rain of Ruin"
Obituary "Minds of the World"

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domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 24 de Noviembre

Nuestro programa quedó como sigue:

AC/DC "Rock Or Bust"
Led Zeppelin "Heartbreaker"
Uriah Heep "Can't Take That Way"
Michael Schenker Temple's of Rock "Where the Wild Winds Blow"
King Diamond "The Invisible Guest"
Ozzy Osbourne "The Ultimate Sin"
Motörhead with Biff Biford "Starstruck"
John Fogerty with Bob Seger "Who'll Stop the Rain"
Rockzilla "Running Down A Dream"
Brant Bjork "Controllers Destroyed"
Allen-Lande "In the Hands of Time"
Crucified Barbara "Follow the Stream"
Ted Nugent "Trample the Weak Hurdle the Dead"
Foo Fighters "In the Clear"
Bulletrain "Out of Control"
Lo-Pan "The Duke"
Riotgod "Davos"
La Chinga "La Chinga"
Black Stone Cherry "Dance Girl"
Bad Wougar "Into the Night"
Machine Head "Night of the Long Knives"
Overkill "In the Name"
Exodus "Angel of Death"
Obituary "Bloodsoaked"
Lamb of God "Descending"
At the Gates "The Head of the Hydra" + "El Altar del Dios Desconocido"

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miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 17 de Noviembre

Así quedó el pasado programa, todo de música en vivo:

Y&T "Mean Streak"
Obus "El Que Mas"
Sebastian Bach "18 & Life"
Halford "Jawbreaker"
Led Zeppelin "Rock and Roll"
Def Leppard "Photograph"
AC/DC "Shot Down In Flames"
Anthrax "Caught In A Mosh"
Black Sabbath "Children of the Grave"
Deep Purple "Perfect Stranger"
Iced Earth "I Died For You"
Iron Maiden "Moonchild"
Joe Satriani "One Big Rush"
John Fogerty "Fortunate Son"
Kadavar "Come Back Life"
Koritni "Better Off Dead"
Lita Ford "Dancing On The Edge"
Los Suaves "Llegaste Hasta Mi"
Motörhead "Killed By Death"
Paul Di'Anno "Murders In The Rue Morgue"
The Quireboys "7 O'clock"
Rhino Bucket "One Night Stand"
Saxon "Strong Arm of the Law"
Star Mafia Boy "Mas Alla de los Sueños"
Ted Nugent "Just What The Doctor Ordered"
The Runaways "Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin"

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domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 10 de Noviembre

asín quedó:

Machine Head "Killers & Kings"
Foo Fighters "The Feast and the Famine"
Bulletrain "Nothing But Trouble"
Crucified Barbara "Electric Sky"
Sick Of It All "Losing War"
Fu Manchu "Dimension Shifter"
Electric Citizen "Future Persuasion"
Ace Frehley "Reckless"
Adrenaline Mob "Men of Honor"
Bigelf "Alien Frequency"
Bloody Hammers "Dead Man's Shadow On The Wall"
Chrome Division "Dirty Dog"
D.A.D. "Fast On Wheels"
electric Mary "Already Gone"
Exodus "Honor Killings"
Hellion "Watch The City Burn"
Imperial State Electric "Underwhelmed"
John Garcia "All These Walls"
Mammothor "Slave One Day"
Mos Generator "Beyond The Whip"
Obituary "Intoxicated"
Supercharger "The Crash"
Truckfighters "Mind Control"
Wolfmother "New Crown"
Supersuckers "The Evil Powers of R'n'R"

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domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 3 de Noviembre

Como era de esperar el último programa lo dedicamos en parte a Serie Z Festival 2014 que se celebró el fin de semana anterior.....

Kadavar "Creature of the Demon"
The Dictators "Stay With Me"
The Crunch "Ganster Radio"
Marcus Blake "I Want More"
The Soulbraker Co "Many So Strange"
Julian Maeso "A Change Is Gonna Come"
Oli Brown "Next Girl"
Dirt River Radio "I'll Be The One"
Leafhound "Barricades"
D.A.D. "Last Time In Neverland"
Crucified Barbara "I Sell My Kids For R'n'R"
Lo-Pan "The Duke"
Kreyskull "El Chupacabra"
Allen-Lande "Down From the Mountain"
Mr. Big "The Light Of Day"
Tesla "Honestly"
Burning "Demasiado Sucio"
The Boo Devils "Buzzin' Bop"
Star Mafia Boy "Ya No Hay Dolor"
The Monster Ones "Black Suede Night"
Greenleaf "Equators"
Obituary "Violent By Nature"
At The Gates "Heroes and Tombs"
Rigor Mortis "Curse of the Draugr"
Texas Hippie Coalition "Monster In Me"
Anthrax "Madhouse"

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domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 27 de Octubre

El último programa fue un especial dedicado a nuestro festival Serie Z 2014, esto es lo que sonó:

The Picturebooks "Your Kisses Burn Like Fire" + "The Rabbit and the Wolf"
Elliott Brood "Fingers & Tongues" + "The Valley Town"
The Crunch "Fire Again" + "Busy Making Noise"
Julian Maeso "It's Been A Hard Day" + Leave It In Time"
Casablanca "Rich Girl" + "Riding A Black Swang"
Kadavar "Fire" + "Liquid Dream"
Marcus Blake "Don't Taser Me, Bro!" + "Arrogant Girl"
Dirt River Radio "Ballad of a Broken Man" + "I'll Be The One"
Soulbreaker Co "Oh! Warsaw" + "No Way Back Home"
Leafhound "One Hundred & Five Degrees" + "Stop, Look and Listen"
Oli Brown "Speechless" + Devil In Me"
D.A.D. "Drag Me To The Curb" + "I Want Sh's Got"
The Dictators "The Next Big Thing" + Who Will Save R'n'R?"

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domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Horarios Serie Z Festival 2014

sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Serie Z Festival 2014, 31 Octubre y 1 Noviembre

Abonos y entradas de día a la venta en Ticketea, abono anticipado 50€, en taquilla 60€, entradas de día a 35€ anticipadas y 40€ en taquilla.

Playlist del lunes 20 de octubre

Esto es lo que sonó el lunes 13:

At The Gates "El Altar del Dios Desconocido + Death and the Labyrinth"
Exodus "Black 13"
Blood God "Mr. Kill"
Texas Hippie Coalition "Bottom of the Bottle"
Kreyskull "The Man Who Lived Before"
Casablanca "The Giant Dreamless Sleep"
Allen-Lande "Come & Dream with Me"
Crucified Barbara "Don't Call On Me"
Accept "200 Years"
D.A.D. "A New Age Moving In"
Mr. Big "The Monster In Me"
Markus Blake "Bittersweet"
Alunah "The Mask Of Herne"
Electric Citizen "Magnetic Man"
Melvins "Brass Cupcake"
Foxy Shazam "Have the Fun"
Dirt River Radio "American Beer"
Blackberry Smoke "Shake Your Magnolia"
Greenleaf "Bound to be Machines"
Kadavar "Goddess of Dawn"
Oli Brown "Thinking About Her"
The Dictators "Baby Let's Twist"
Julian Maeso "We Can't Keep On Waiting for Good Times to Come"
The Soulbraker Co. "How Will We Get By?"
The Crunch "Runaway Son"

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Playlist del lunes 13 de Octubre

Así fueron las cosas.....

The Dictators "Stay With Me"
Mötley Crue "Looks That Kill"
Kadavar "Eye of the Storm"
Paul Di'Anno "Charlotte the Harlot"
Anthrax "Among the Living"
Leaf Hound "Barricades"
Riot "Thundersteel"
Oli Brown & Raveneye "Stone Cold"
Alunah "Heavy Bough"
Kreyskull "Abomination Jungle"
Exodus "Collateral Damage"
At The Gates "Cold"
Texas Hippie Coalition "El Diablo Rojo"
Melvins "Bride of Crakenstein"
D.A.D. "Revolution"
Pendragon "Beautiful Soul"
Dirt River Radio "Chase the Sun"
Black Label Society "Dark Side of the Sun"
Marcus Blake "Invisible"
Hellion "Hell Has No Fury"
Lo-Pan "Land of the Blind"
Motörhead "Silence When You Speak to Me"
The Crunch "Right About Now!"
Rigor Mortis "Flesh for Flies"

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domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 6 de Octubre

Anthrax "A Skeleton In The Closet"
D-A-D "Riding With Sue"
Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train"
Hellion "Betrayer"
Rigor Mortis "Poltergeist"
Tankard "Riders of the Doom"
Overkill "The Fight Song"
Sick of it All "Get Bronx"
Blood God "Mr. Kill"
Lo-Pan "Regulus"
Orange Goblin "Übermensch"
Greenleaf "Ocean Deep"
Ted Nugent "Throttledown"
Mr. Big "I Forget to Breathe"
Electric Citizen "Shallow Water"
Electric Mary "Already Gone"
Rockzilla "The Animal In Me"
Julian Maeso "What About Sad John"
The Soulbreaker Company "Many So Strange"
The Quireboys "Double Dealin'"
Lionize "Lazarus Style"
Slash "Dirty Girl"
The Crunch "Fire Again"
Casablanca "Love and Desperation"

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jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Tomate Blues 2014 en Los Palacios y Villafranca este sábado

Playlist del lunes 29 de Septiembre

Así de entretenido estuvo......

Supersuckers "Rock On"
Planet of Zeus "A Girl Named Greed"
Motörhead "Bomber"
Testament "Trial By Fire"
Kreator "Endless Pain"
Black Sabbath "Children Of The Grave"
Saxon "Power & The Glory"
AC/DC "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be"
Quireboys "7 O'clock"
Mr. Big "Gotta Love The Ride"
Greenleaf "Our Mother Ash"
Electric Citizen "Beggar's Need"
Orange Goblin "Sabbath Hex"
Sick Of It All "Road Less Traveled"
D.A.D. "Sleeping My Day Away"
Oli Brown & Raveneye "Solid Ground"
Elliot Brood "Fingers & Tongues"
The Soulbreaker Co. "How Will We Get By?"
Rockzilla "Leave Me My Soul"
Tesla "So Divine..."
Ace Frehley "What Every Girl Wants"
Slash "Automatic Overdrive"
Supercharger "Hold On Buddy"
Electric Mary "Nicotine"
Accept "Trail of Tears"
Morgoth "Die As A Deceiver"
Electric Wizard "Time To Die"

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viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 22 de Septiembre

Así de bien quedó el programa del lunes...........

Supersuckers "The Evil Powers of R'n'R"
Planet of Zeus "Tornado"
Morgoth "God Is Evil"
Sparzanza "Black"
Valient Thorr "Double Crossed"
Kadavar "The Man I Shot"
Mother of God "Hoenan"
Mushroom Caravan Overdrive "Psychedelic Lady"
Arenna "Receiving The Liquid Writings"
Viaje a 800 "Ni Perdon Ni Olvido"
Accept "Dying Breed"
Judas Priest "Battle Cry"
Riot "Unleash The Fire"
Slash "World On Fire"
Ace Frehley "I Wanna Hold You"
Beasto Blanco "Bloodshot"
Rockzilla "Supersonic Strenght"
Devil's Dandruff "To The Sea"
Electric Mary "Welcome To The Otherside"
Mustasch "Borderline"
The Crunch "Ganster Radio"
Joe Elliiot's Down & Outz "Marionette"
Go! Go! Gorillo "Howlin' At Midnight"
Wolfmother "Tall Ships"
Joey Ramone "What A Wonderful World"

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miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Supersuckers + Planet of Zeus en Supersonic, 23 Septiembre

Playlist del lunes 15 de Septiembre

El pasado 14 de Julio hicimos el ultimo programa de la temporada, aunque no es el ultimo playlist publicado.... El pasado lunes volviamos con las pilas cargadas para darte lo tuyo y lo de tu primo......

John Fogerty "Fortunate Son (with Foo Fighters)"
Supersuckers "Get The Hell"
Planet of Zeus "Sky High Heels"
Kadavar "Come Back Life"
Quireboys "Troublemaker"
Electric Mary "Sweet Mary C."
Ace Frehley "Space Invader"
Riot "Ride Hard Live Free"
Blood God "Slaughterman"
The Treatment "I Bleed Rock+Roll"
Accept "Stampede"
Primal Fear "Road to Asylum"
Adrenaline Mob "Feel The Adrenaline"
Casablanca "Hail The Liberation"
Oli Brown & Raven Eye "Here I Am"
Ted Nugent "Fear Itself"
The Crunch "Busy Making Noise"
Winger "Queen Babylon"
The Vintage Caravan "Midnight Meditation"
American Sharks "Indian Man"
Bigelf "Edge of Oblivion"
Blackberry Smoke "Up In Smoke"
Julian Maeso "Leave It In Time"
California Breed "The Way"
John Garcia "My Mind"
The Last Vegas "Lucky 13"

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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Playlist del lunes 30 de Junio

John Fogerty "Proud Mary"
Rosendo "El Ganador"
Joe Satriani "Surfing With The Alien"
Metallica "Lords Of Summer"
Judas Priest "Dragonaut"
Tankard "R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)"
Quiet Riot "Bang For Your Buck"
Loudness "Never Ending Fire"
Kvelertak "Bruane Brenn"
Mastodon "The Motherload"
Motörhead "Dust and Glasses"
Taquikardic Sinners "Kung-Fu Sinner"
Sex Museum "Rule Of Your Life"
Stingers "On The Way"
Star Mafia Boy "Mil Años De Amor En El Infierno"
Uriah Heep "Kiss The Rainbow"
Rival Sons "Play The Fool"
Tesla "Ricochet"
Blackberry Smoke "One Horse Toen"
California Breed "Midnight Oil"
Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Soong"
Bigelf "Vertigod"
American Sharks "11.11"
Go! Go! Gorillo "Wet Nightmare"
Planet of Zeus "Vigilante"
Hellyeah "Feast or Famine"

Lo tienes en Ivoox para su escucha o descarga

martes, 24 de junio de 2014

Joe Satriani, Festival de la Guitarrra de Córdoba, 12 julio

Este año el 34 Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba no podía cerrar de mejor manera que con el maestro Joe Satriani, será el 12 de Julio en el Teatro de la Axerquia, a partir de las 22:30 horas. Tienes toda la info en aquí.

Playlist del lunes 16 de Junio

así nos quedó el programa:

Blackberry Smoke "Shake YourMagnolia"
Saxon "Dalla 1 pm"
Supersuckers "Gluttonous"
Ratos De Porao "Jornada Para O Inferno"
Mastodon "Tread Lightly"
Black Label Society "Dark Side Of The Sun"
Uriah Heep "The Outsider"
La Chinga "Early Grave"
Planet of Zeus "Tornado"
Riotgod "Prime Moment"
Abramis Brama "S.M.E.L."
Slash "World On Fire"
Gammaray "Born To Fly"
Stingers "Rock!"
Tesla "Break Of Dawn"
Nazareth "Rock'n'Roll Telephone"
Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love"
California Breed "Scars"
Night Ranger "Rollin' On"
The Last Vegas "Lucky 13"
King Hiss "Guilty Pleasures"
Wolfmother "My Tangerine Dream"
Diablo Blvd. "Follow The Deadlights"
Hellyeah "Demons In The Dirt"

Como sabes el programa lo tienes en Ivoox

domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

Musicos en la Naturaleza 2014, John Fogerty y Rosendo

El proximo 5 de Julio tendra lugar en Hoyos del Espino, Avila, una nueva edicion del festival Musicos en la Naturaleza, que esta año contara con la actuacion unica en España del mitico John Fogerty. Tambien contara con la actuacion del gran Rosendo Mercado. Las entradas las puedes comprar en Mercanentradas y El Corte Ingles. Tienes toda la informacion en Musicos en la Naturaleza

Playlist del lunes 9 de Junio

asi fue:

Elvis Presley "See See Rider"
Blackberry Smoke "Up In Smoke"
Nazareth "Back 2b4"
Tesla "MP3"
Rival Sons "Electric Man"
California Breed "The Grey"
Uriah Heep "The Law"
Led Zeppelin "Comunication Breakdown"
Stingers "Stage On The World"
77 "Maximun Rock and Roll"
SexMuseum "Holy Shit"
Star Mafia Boy "Oscura Obsesion"
Def Con Dos "Definete"
Ratos de Porao "Conflito Violento"
Hellyeah "Sange por Sangre"
Diablo Blvd. "Beyond The Veil"
Abramis Brama "Enkel Biljet"
Go! Go! Gorillo "King Kong Loves The Blonde One"
The Last Vegas "Face In The Crowd"
Black Stone Cherry "Fiesta del Fuego"
Bigelf "Hypersleep"
Dynamite "It's A Long Way Home"
Helix "Sticks and Stones"
American Sharks "Demon With Glass Sword"
Fu Manchu "Robotic Invasion"
Beyond Perception "Weapon"
Arch Enemy "You Will Know My Name"
Anti·Morten "Jonesboro"
Bloody Hammers "The Town That Dreaded Sundown"

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sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

Palylist del lunes 2 de Junio

en el capítulo anterior............

Kiss "Unholy"
The Last Vegas "Invicible Summer"
Dynamite "Blackout Station"
Night Ranger "High Road"
Helix "Bastard of the Blues"
The Random Riots "The Devil's Boogie"
Bloody Hammers "Dead Man's Shadow On The Wall"
King Hiss "Bite The Bait"
Bigelf "Alien Frequency"
Rage "Mistery Trip"
Kyng "Sunday Smile"
Sex Museum "Judee Sill"
Devil's Dandruff "Sunday Morning"
Los Suaves "¿Sabes? Phil Lynott Murió"
Burning "Corre Conmigo"
Rosendo "Vergüenza Torera"
Foxy Shazam "Poem Public"
Magnum "Live 'Till You Die"
Gasoline Stars "Weekend"
Joe Elliot's Down & Outz "Marionette"
Imperial State Electric "Born Again"
Beasto Blanco "Breakdown"
Mammothor "Tyrannicide"
American Sharks "Overdrive"
Arch Enemy "On and On"
Beyond Perception "Order of the Pigs"
Oruga "We, The Darknes"

como sabes se repite el domingo a las 21:00 en Pasion FM Radio y lo tienes tambien en Ivoox

domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

Playlist del lunes 26 de Mayo

así quedó nuestro programa del pasado lunes:

Ted Nugent "Dog Eat Dog"
Supersuckers "Get The Hell"
Bigelf "The Professor & The Madmen"
Marty Friedman "Inferno"
Mammothor "Slave One Day"
Beasto Blanco "Vegas Baby Vegas"
Crowbar "Walk With Knowledge Wisely"
Arch Enemy "Never Forgive, Never Forget"
Vader "Triumph Of Death"
Anti-Mortem "Ride Of Your Life"
American Sharks "Indian Man"
Fu Manchu "Radio Source Sagittarius"
Down "Sufferer's Years"
Mos Generator "Enter The Fire"
Rage "Anybody Home?"
Sebastian Bach "Gun To A Knife Fight"
Black Stone Cherry "Me And Mary Jane"
Doro "Only You"
The Monster Ones "Joker"
Supercharger "Five Hours of Nothing"
Joe Elliot's Down & Outz "Violence"
Planet of Zeus "Tornado"
Kyng "The Ode"
Brainstorm "Strangled"
Wolfmother "Tall Ships"
Down In Black "Hell It's Hot"

esta noche lo puedes volver a oir en Pasion FM Radio a las 21:00, o en cualquier momento en Ivoox

domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin en Supersonic, 29 de Mayo

Playlist del lunes 19 de Mayo

Que bonito quedó.....

Steppenwolf "Born To Be Wild"
Deep Purple "Highway Star"
Uriah Heep "Easy Livin'"
Allman Brothers "One Way Out"
Molly Hatchet "Flirtin' With Disaster"
Montrose "Bad Motor Scooter"
Outlaws "Ghost Riders In The Sky"
George Thorogood "Gear Jammer"
Foghat "Drivin' Wheel"
The Band "The Weight"
Ted Nugent "Motor City Madhouse"
W.A.S.P. "Wild Child"
Judas Priest "Heading Out To The Highway"
Bad Company "Gone Gone Gone"
Bob Seger "Against The Wind"
Lynyrd Skynyrd "Call Me The Breeze"
Little Feat "Let It Roll"
REO Speedwagon "Ridin' The Storm Out"
Freddie King "Going Down"
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat "Let's Make It"
Sammy Hagar "I Can't Drive 55"
Nazareth "Hair Of The Dog"
Doobie Brothers "Rockin' Down The Highway"
UFO "Highway Lady"
Blackfoot "Highway Song"

Ahí, todo en plan motero, carreteras, etc. Sabes que lo puedes oir esta noche en Pasion FM Radio a las 21:00 horas y también lo tienes ya en Ivoox

sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Playlist de lunes 12 de Mayo

como no tengo abuela me lo digo yo.......... programazo:

Joe Elliot's Down&Outz "One of the Boys"
The Quireboys "Talk of the Town"
Smoking Martha "Bad Choices"
Doro "It Still Hurts"
Black Stone Cherry "Holding On...To Letting Go"
Mustasch "All My Life"
Volbeat "The Hangman's Body Count"
Michael Monroe "Don't Block The Sun"
Pat Travers Band "Waitin' On The End of Time"
Gus G. "Summer Days"
Chrome Division "No Bet For Free"
Ronnie James Dio Tribute "Neon Knights"
Eldritch "Something Strong"
Riotgod "Sidewinder"
Fu-Manchu "Evolution Machine"
Planet of Zeus "Disappointment Blues"
Anti-Mortem "Stagnant Water"
Down "Steeple"
Holy Moses "Triggered"
Kyng "Lost One"
Mekong Delta "Mutant Messiah"
Black Sabbath "Dear Father"
Rob Zombie "Teenage Nosferatu Pussy"

como sabes se repite el domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular española en Pasion FM Radio y también lo tienes ya en Ivoox

sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

Marc Ford en Supersonic, Lunes 12 de Mayo

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Night Demon en Supersonic el 8 de Mayo

Playlist del lunes 5 de Mayo

el último episodio quedó así:

Fu Manchu "Anxiety Reducer"
Kyng "Burn The Serum"
Planet Of Zeus "The Great Dandolos"
Anti-Mortem "Words Of Wisdom"
Holy Moses "Hellhound"
Mekong Delta "The Armaggedon Machine"
Sebastian Bach "All My Friends Are Dead"
H.E.A.T. "Inferno"
Steel Panther "If I Was The King"
The Treatment "Don't Look Down"
Joe Oelliot's Down & Outz "Rock & Roll Queen"
Saxon "Power and The Glory"
Winger "So Long China"
The Monster Ones "The Man Who Was The Death"
El Mito De Las Máquinas "Me Enseñaron"
Foxy Shazam "Gonzo"
Black Label Society "Empty Promises"
Mos Generator "Breaker"
Wolfmother "Tall Ships"
Brainstorm "Shadowseeker"
Sparzanza "Black"
Gammaray "Seven"
Adranline Mob "The Mob Rules"
Lionize "Skynet"
The Graviators "Corpauthority"

y como ya sabes el domingo se repite a las 21:00 horas en Pasion FM Radio, y también lo tienes en Ivoox

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Playlist del lunes 28 de Abril

y así quedó:

Grandfunk Railroad "Are You Ready"
BobSeger & The Silver Bullet Band "Nine Tonight"
The Brownsville Station "Smokin' In The Boys Room"
Rory Gallagher "Follow Me"
Jack Bruce "I Feel Free"
Wilko Johnson "Red Hot Rocking Blues"
Reverend Horton Heat "Callin'In Twisted"
38 Special "Something I Need"
Deadstring Brothers "Ain't No Hidin' Love"
Lynyrd Skynyrd "Skynyrd Nation"
Marshall Tucker Band "Country Road"
Bob Wayne "Ghost Town"
Frank Black & The Catholics "The Snake"
The Detroit Cobras "Everybody's Going Wild"
The Solution "Hijackin' Love"
The Smalltown Rockets "Get On With It"
Ramones "Danger Zone"
44 Caliber "Little Miss Trouble"
Ace Frehley "Foxy & Free"
Fort "Hidings From The Humans"
Danko Jones "Sex Change Shake"
The Black Halos "B.S.F."
The Cherry Valence "Sunglasses & Headlights"
Bad Machine "Livin' In A Freak Out World"
Boneshaker "Not Sell My Life"
Tokyo Dragons "Do You Wanna?"
Cheap Trick "When The Lights Are Out"
The Company Band "Who Else But Us?"
Diamond Dogs "Raise A Holler"
Glyder "She's Got It"
Junkyard "Throw It All Away"
The Mooney Suzuki "Make You Mine"
Tito & Tarantula "Angry Cockroaches"

si no lo pudiste oir el lunes lo puedes hacer el domingo a las 21:00 en Pasion FM Radio, o en Ivoox en cualquier momento.

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Playlist de lunes 21 de Abril

esto fue lo pasó en el ultimo capitulo:

AC/DC "Carry Me Home"
The Solution "Get On Back"
The Dubrovnicks "Audio Sonic Love Affair"
Al & The Black Cats "Sing-Along"
The Dictators "Stay With Me"
Smoking Martha "Fake Promises"
Sex Museum "Holy Shit"
El Mito De Las Máquinas "Tengo El Remedio"
The Monster Ones "Bloody Stones"
Foxy Shazam "Brutal Truth"
Joe Satriani "Can't Go Back"
Sebastian Bach "Hell Inside My Head"
H.E.A.T. "Inferno"
Winger "Rat Race"
Wolfmother "Enemy Is In Your Mind"
Black Label Society "Damn The Flood"
Mos Generator "Neon Nightmare"
Sparzanza "Enemy Of My Enemy"
Arch Enemy "War Eternal"
Brainstorm "Strangled"
Crossplane "Can't Bring Me Down"
Bonafide "Bad As Clint"
Grand Magus "Fight"
Horisont "Ain't No Turning Back"
Kamchatka "Croos The Distance"
Rob Halford (Ronnies James Dio Tribute) "Man On The Silver Mountain"
Saxon "747 (Strangers In The Night)"
Testament "The Haunting"

El Domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular española lo tienes de nuevo en Pasion Fm Radio y ya lo puedes oir o descargar de Ivoox

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Palylist del lunes 7 de Abril

.........el el último episodio.....

Wolfmother "How Many Times"
Black Label Society "Heart of Darkness"
The Graviators "Leifs Last Breath/Dance of the Valkyrie"
Mos Generator "Electric Mountain Majesty"
Kenny Wayne Shapherd "Never Lookin' Back"
Magnum "Burning River"
Asia "I Would Die For You"
Brainstorm "Erased By The Dark"
Eldritch "Something Strong"
Gammaray "Hellbent"
Motörhead witn Byff Biford "Strastruck"
Los Suaves "Una Ciudad Llamada Perdición"
Star Mafia Boy "Corazon Roto"
The Monster Ones "Always Elm Street"
The Boo Devils "Who Killed Gina?"
Extremoduro "Pequeño Rocanrol Endémico"
Burning "Dolor"
Motörhead "Lost Woman Blues"
Smoking Martha "Sweet As Honey"
Mustasch "All My Life"
The Quireboys "For Crying Out Loud"
Vandenberg's Moonkings "Nothing Touches"
White Cowbell Oklahoma "Get Back To The Grove"
Tremonti "So You're Afraid"
Bad Wougar "Backwoods Hut"
Borracho "Know The Score"

el pasado domingo no hubo repetición por ser Semana Santa y estar nuestros compañeros con las retransmisiones en directo de las procesiones. Hoy lunes tampoco habrá programa, estamos haciendo estación de penitencia, el lunes que viene resucitaremos y estaremos de nuevo contigo a las 23:00 horas en Pasion FM Radio. Este programa cuyo playlist te hemos ofrecido está ya en Ivoox

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

The Black Cadillacs en Supersonic, Miércoles 9 de Abril

Playlist de lunes 31 de Marzo

así nos quedó el programa del pasado lunes:

Saxon "Princess of the Night"
Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever"
Adrenaline Mob "Feel The Adrenaline"
Pretty Maids "Deranged"
Gamma Ray "Master of Confusion"
Steel Panther "Ten Strikes You're Out"
The Tratment "Way of the World"
The Winery Dogs "Not Hopeless"
Supersuckers "High Tonight"
The Monster Ones "The Man Who Was The Death"
'77 "Highway Rebel"
Star Mafia Boy "Baile Con Lucifer"
Smoking Martha "All Lit Up"
Endless Boogie "Taking Out The Trash"
All Them Witches "When God Comes Back"
Mos Generator "Beyond the Whip"
Demon Eye "From Beyond"
Riotgod "Sidewinder"
Grand Magus "Dominator"
Crossplane "Balls"
Truckfighters "Prophet"
Witchcraft "It's Not Because of You"
Arch Enemy "War Eternal"
Sparzanza "Pine Barrens"
Massacre "Th Evil Within"
Lamb Of God "Walk With Me In Hell"
Gojira "Explosia"

Mañana domingo se repite a las 21:00 en Pasion FM Radio y ya lo tienes también en Ivoox

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Playlist de lunes 24 de Marzo

en el anterior episodio..........

Bourbon "Cyclone"
Green Manalishi "Fear Alive"
Electric Riders "Needless"
The Monster Ones "Radioactive Dog"
The Boo Devils "Black and White Life"
Star Mafia Boy "Sabes Que Dare Con Mis Huesos"
The Peckham Cowboys "Quarantined"
Gus G. "I Am The Fire"
Menace "Multiple Clarity"
Pretty Maids "Nuclear Boomerang"
Steel Panther "Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World"
Magnum "Too Many Clowns"
Kamchatka "The Search Goes On"
Motorjesus "Resurrection Man"
Shotgun Rebellion "Devil's Home Brew"
Black Halos "Disbelief"
New York Dolls "Babylon"
Rollins Band "Get Some Go Again"
Dead Child "Sweet Chariot"
Sorry & The Sinatras "Black 'n'Blue"
Soulburners "Cheap Tricks"
The Hellacopters "Befor The Fall"
Bettie Ford "Gonna Getcha"
Black Stone Cherry "The Bitter End"
Rodeo Queen "Out In The Fields"
The Black Jetts "Get Down"
Glyder "Fill Your Head With Rock"
Blackberry Smoke "Shake Your Magnolia"
Pearl "Nobody"
Anthrax "Remember Tomorrow"
Revolution Mother "Rollin' With Tha Mutha"

El domingo como sabes se repite a las 21:00 en Pasion FM Radio y ya lo puedes descargar en Ivoox

domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Playlist de lunes 17 de Marzo

En el último capítulo de Babilonia Wild-Rock.....

Led Zeppelin "Rock and Roll"
Def Leppard "Rock Of Ages" 
AC/DC "You Shook Me All Night Long"
Deep Purple "Strange Kind Of Woman"
Y&T "Black Tiger"
Iron Maiden "The Evil That Men Do"
Motörhead "Bomber"
Testament "Into The Pit"
Los Suaves "Siempre Igual"
Star Mafia Boy "La Reina de la Fiesta"
Bourbon "El Condenado"
The Monster Ones "Solo El Solo"
The Ramones "Do You Remember R'n'R Radio?"
Menace "I Live With Your Ghost"
Gus G. "My Will Be Done"
Mustasch "Borderline"
Magnum "Live 'Till You Die"
Asia "Valkyrie"
The Peckham Cowboys "You're Only In It For The Money"
Toxic Waltz "Priest Of Lies"
Lionize "Skynet"
Riotgod "Davos"
Kadavar "Liquid Dream"
Demon Eye "From Beyond"
Doomriders "Back Taxes"
Bad Wougar "Backwoods Hut"
Chico Seeds "Don't Know Me"
Crossplane "I Will Be King"

Esta noche se repite a las 21:00 en Pasion FM Radio y también lo tienes ya en Ivoox

jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Comunicado de Retorno a la Escena del Crimen

Queridos y queridas: NOS VAMOS!!

Estos que veis son los últimos shows que haremos en SUPERSONIC, CADIZ. Han sido bastantes años intensos, muchas noches memorables, muchos amigos y copas pero nuestra andadura ha llegado a su fin en cuanto a la programación de bolos en salas.
No busquéis motivos oscuros ni nada parecido, creemos que hemos tocado techo y es el momento de hacerse a un lado, contemplar la vida desde otro angulo y a eso nos dedicaremos de ahora en adelante.

Por supuesto, nos vamos a lo grande, con estilo, como debe de ser. Este rush final hemos querido que sea y que esté a la altura de lo que hemos, humildemente, intentado conseguir: PATEAR ALGUNOS JODIDOS CULOS Y AGITAR UNAS CUANTAS MENTES.
No sabemos si lo hemos logrado pero si al menos hemos conseguido daros algunos momentos de felicidad todo nos habrá merecido la pena.

Hasta siempre, amigos.

Playlist del lunes 10 de Marzo

Un capítulo mas de nuestra radio-novela en color...........

Ted Nugent "Stormtroopin"
Motörhead "Death Machine"
Chrome Division "Mistress In Madness"
'77 "Beautiful People"
The Monster Ones "Monter Heroes"
Star Mafia Boy "Ya No Hay Dolor"
Bourbon "Por Si Vuelves"
El Drogas "Caradura"
Lionize "Evolve"
Dead Lord "Envying The Dead"
Baroness "Take My Bones Away"
Riotgod "Prime Moment"
Bad Wougar "Break The Fall"
Borracho "Empty"
Deville "Blood Crown"
Pist "Pist"
Down In Black "Gypsy"
Demon Eye "Secret Sect"
The Treatment "Drop Like A Stone"
Vandenberg's Moonking "Close To You"
Leslie West "Long Red"
Monster Truck "Undercover Love"
Shotgun Rebellion "Squeeze My Shotgun"
Eldritch "Seeds Of Love"
Lamb Of God "Redneck"

y esto se repite el domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular en Pasion Fm Radio, y lo tienes en Ivoox

domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Dead Lords en Supersonic, Sábado 8 Marzo

Playlist del lunes 24 de Febrero

En el episodio anterior..............

Motörhead "Iron Fist"
Black Sabbath "N.I.B."
Paradise Lost "Mortals Watch The Day"
Orange Goblin "Red Tide Rising"
Ted Nugent "Turn It Up"
Testament "Native Blood"
Y&T "Mean Streak"
The Runaways "Cherry Bomb"
Lita Ford "Kiss Me Deadly"
Lossuaves "No Puedo Dejar El Rock"
Star Mafia Boy "Mil Años De Amor En El Infierno"
Rosendo "Vergüenza Torera"
The Monster Ones "Alien Paradise"
Kamchatka "Tango Decadence"
Motorjesus "Trouble In Motorcity"
Down In Black "Bitter"
Gasoline Stars "Weekend"
Chrome Division "Mistress In Madness"
Crossplane "Hellride"
Imperial State Electric "Faustian Bargains"
Mustasch "Lowlife Highlights"
Supercharger "Get What You Deserve"
Horisont "Ain't No Turning Back"
Grand Magus "Dominator"
Viaje a 800 "Tagarnina Blues"
Arábiga "Himno de Andalucia"

A las 21:00 se repite hoy en Pasion Fm Radio y también lo puedes oir o descargar en Ivoox

martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Playlist del lunes 17 de Febrero

Nuevo capítulo de la radio-novela Babilonia Wild-Rock, esto es lo que sonó:

Nashville Pussy "Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee"
The Deep End "No Time To Rest"
Horisont "Ain't No Turning Back"
Hogjaw "One More Little One"
'77 "Vitually Good"
Supercharger "Hold On Buddy"
King Mastino "Don't Mess Around The Sailors"
Heavy Tiger "Talk Of The Town"
Crossplane "Bring The Fire"
The Treatment "Don't Look Down"
Chrome Division "No Bet For Free"
Adrenaline Mob "Men Of Honor"
Grand Magus "Steel Versus Steel"
Mustasch "Borderline"
Demon Eye "Hecate"
PIST "Wither"
Ted Nugent "Just What The Doctor Ordered"
Supersuckers "Something About You"
The Vintage Caravan "Expand Your Mind"
The Stone Electric "Tequila Mockingbird"
Vintage Trouble "Stiil And Always Will"
Truckfighters "Prophet"
Devil's Dandruff "Fire Woman"
The Storm "I Don't Know"
Burning "Corre Conmigo"
Star Mafia Boy "Mueve Tus Caderas"
Los Suaves "Llegaste Hasta Mi"

Como sabes el domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular española se repite en Pasion FM Radio, y ya lo tienes en Ivoox

miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Nashville Pussy, Sábado 15 Febrero en Fanatic, Sevilla

Playlist del lunes 10 de Febrero

Redondo, creo que así fue como quedó el programa del lunes pasado......

Nashville Pussy "Begining Of the End"
Supersuckers "High Tonight"
Dead Lord "Hank"
Horisont "Writing On The Wall"
Mustasch "From Euphoria To Dystopia"
Adrenaline Mob "Feel The Adrenaline"
Primal Fear "Rebel Faction"
Iced Earth "Among The Living Dead"
Axel Rudi Pell "High Above"
Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock "Lord Of The Lost And Lonely"
Grand Magus "Dominator"
Manowar "Hail and Kill"
NHK "Mariana"
The Stone Electric "The Elephant"
Vintage Trouble "Jezzebella"
Bruce Springsteen "This Is Your Sword"
The Del-Lords "Silverlake"
The Quireboys "Homewreckers & Heartbreakers"
The Treatment "I Bleed R'n'R"
Supercharger "Like A Pit Bull"
'77 "Beautiful People"
The Answer "Road Less Travelled"
The Vintage Caravan "Let Me Be"
Rob Zombie "We're An American Band"
Truckfighters "The Chainman"
Red Fang "1516"

El próximo domingo a las 21:00 horas lo puedes volver a oir en Pasion Fm Radio, y si no quieres esperar lo tienes en Ivoox

domingo, 9 de febrero de 2014

The Fleshtones esta tarde en Supersonic, Cádiz

Playlist del lunes 3 de Febrero

El último capítulo de nuestra radio-novela a color nos quedó tal que así:

The Fleshtones "Day Tripper"
Vintage Trouble "Blues Hand Me Down"
The Vintage Caravan "Craving"
Blues Pills "Devil Man"
Tedeschi Trucks Band "Rollin' and Tumblin'"
Mustasch "All My Life"
Adrenaline Mob "Come On Get Up"
Primal Fear "King For A Day"
Grand Magus "On Hooves Of Gold"
Nashville Pussy "Taking It Easy"
The Damn Ol' Bones "Tease, Strive, Kill, Kiss, Laugh, Die"
Leaf Hound "Sad Road To The Sea"
Trubled Horse "Bring My Horses Home"
Snakeskin Angels "The Fire Omega"
Narco "Quiero Ser Parroco"
El Drogas "Barro En La Alpargata"
'77 "Stay Away From Water"
Sherpa "Nací Pobre"
Supersuckers "Something About You"
Bonafide "Dtrd"
Krokus "Better Than Sex"
Kingdom Come "The Trap Is Alive"
Speed Stroke "Age Of R'n'R"
Chico Seeds "My Own Enemy"
A Pale Horse Named Death "Killer By Night"
 God Delusion "Not My Blood"
Jesus Chrüsler Supercar "Some Good and Some Good"

Esta noche a las 21:00 hora peninsular española lo puedes oir de nuevo en Pasion Fm Radio, y también lo puedes oir o descargar en Ivoox

domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Playlist del lunes 27 de Enero

Así de chulo nos quedó el último capítulo de la radio-novela Babilonia Wild-Rock:

Testament "Disciples of the Watch"
Sebastian Bach "American Metalhead"
Deep Pueple "No One Came (Live)"
Casablanca "Hail The Liberation"
Dead Lord "Ghost Town"
Imperial State Electric "Apologize"
Mustasch "Borderline"
Chrome Division "The Absinthe Voyage"
Nashville Pussy "Up The Dosage"
Truckfighters "Mind Control"
Doomriders "Back Taxes"
Mountain Witch "Sleepers Chant"
Magister Templi "Tipharet"
Black Sabbath "Naïveté In Black"
Iced Earth "Democide"
Axel Rudi Pell "Burning Chains"
Bluesfunkarlos "Ruta 66"
Bourbon "La Charca Del Diablo"
Hora Zulu "Caigan del Cielo"
Vargas Blues Band "Shake Baby Shake"
Bruce Springsteen "Just Like Fire Would"
New York Dolls "Personality Crisis"
Motörhead "Do You Believe"
Black Actress "Too Fast"
Kitty In A Casket "Kreepsville 666"
Rob Zombie "Behold, The Pretty Filthy Crea"

Mañana domingo se repite a las 21:00 hora peninsular española en Pasion FM Radioy tambien lo tienes en Ivoox

sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

Casablana + Devil's Dandruff en Supersonic 25 Enero 2014

Playlist del lunes 20 de Enero de 2014

Dejando atrás los resúmenes del 2013, pero todavía, claro, con mucha música del pasado año:

Vargas Blues Band "Anaconda Style"
Casablanca "The Giant Dreamless Sleep"
Devil's Dandruff "Flyin' Away"
Imperial State Electric "Underwhelmed"
Bruce Springsteen "High Hopes"
Lita Ford "Kiss Me Deadly"
Black Sabbath "Children Of The Grave"
Magister Templi "Master of the Temple"
Anciients "Overthrone"
Mustasch "Feared and Hated"
Dead Lord "Onkalo"
Axel Rudi Pell "Tower of Lies"
Nashville Pussy "Rub It To Death"
Chorme Division "(She's) Hot Tonight"
Motörhead "End Of Time"
Iced Earth "Resistance"
Ashes of Ares "What I Am"
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock "Rock'n'Roll Symphony"
Barons Ball "LoveTrain"
NHK "Thunderdomination"
El Drogas "Olvido o Rebeldia"
Burning "Al Final de la Botella"
Extremoduro "Mi Voluntad"
Saxon "Call To Arms"
Pro-Pain "Problem, Reaction, Solution"
Brutal Thing "Dejame Sangrar" 

Recuerda que mañana domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular española se repite en Pasion FM Radio, y también lo tienes en Ivoox

Playlist del lunes 13 de Enero de 2014

Primer programa del año, segunda parte del resumen internacional del 2013. Las bandas y los temas fueron estos....... el orden no, lo siento:

Joe Satriani "Can't Go Back"
Leslie West "Dying Since The Day I Was Born"
Sammy Hagar & Friends "Bad On Fords and Chevrolets"
Boston "Heaven On Earth"
Kill Devil Hill "No Way Out"
Buckcherry "Gluttony"
Queens of the Stone Age "I Sat By The Oceans"
Iggy and the Stooges "Sex & Money"
Crashdiet "Cocaine Cowboys!
Onslaught "Caught Is King"
Trouble "Parnoia Conspiracy"
Helloween "World Of War"
David Bowie "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"
Jorn "Rev On"
Death Dealer "Heads, Spikes, Walls"
Stone Gods "Where You Coming From"
Carcass "Captive Bolt Pistols"
Casablanca "It's Alright"
Death Angel "Empty"
Metal Church "Bulletproof"
Newsted "Soldierhead"
Running Wild "Soldier Of Fortune"
Stonebreed "Last Dollar"
Sucidal Tendencies "Shake It Up"
Testament "Rise Up"

Espero que no se me haya olvidado nada. Lo tienes en Ivoox