lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Playlist de Hoy

Hace solo unos minutos que hemos terminado la emisión de hoy, y esto es lo que ha sonado...

Joe Satriani "Wormhole Wizards" Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards 2010
Rhino Bucket "Lifeline" Who's Got Mine 2010
Panzer "Fuego Prohibido" Caballeros de Sangre 1986
Bonafide "No Doubt About It" Something's Dripping 2009
Stacie Collins "The Very Last Time" Sometimes Ya Gotta... 2010
Hogjaw "Ol' Slippery Willie" Ironwood 2010
Medina Azahara "El Vaiven del Aire" En Escena... 2008
Miguel Rios "Rocanrol Bumerang" Rocanrol Bumerang 1980
Soul Gestapo "Just One Day" Just One Day 2010
The Damned Things "Friday Night" Ironiclast 2010
Helloween "Long Live the King" Seven Sinners 2010
Kamelot "If Tomorrow Came" Poetry For The Poisoned 2010
Onslaught "Born For War" Sounds of Violence 2011
Overdry "Miseria "El Ultimo Camino 2008
Motörhead "Rock'n'Roll Music 2011
Black Spiders "Blood of the Kings" Sond of the North 2010
Riotgod "Crusader" Riotgod 2010
Desert Storm "Cosmic Drips" Forked Tongues 2010
Shotgun Revolution "I Don't Care" Join the Revolution 2010
Barbe-Q-Barbies "Spell" All Over You 2010
Sideburn "Live To Rock" Jail 2011
Seductive Luck "Love The One You're With" Can't Be Tamed 2010
The New Black "The King I Was" II:Better In Black 2011
L.U.S.T. "Runaway" First Tattoo 2011
Circus "Gimme Love!" Coming For You 2010
Bonfire "Do Or Die" Branded 2011

martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Playlist de Anoche

Como ha pasado ya la medianoche, este playlist no pertenece a hoy, si no a ayer lunes....

Rhino Bucket "Back To Nowhere" Who's Got Mine 2010
Bonafide "Fill your Head With Rock" Something's Dripping 2009
Stacie Collins "I Won't Do Ya Like That" Sometimes Ya Gotta... 2010
Hogjaw "Three Fifty Seven" Ironwood 2010
The Quireboys "I Love This Dirty Town" Homewreckers & Heartbreakers 2008
Paul Rodgers "Shooting Star" The Very Best of Free & Bad Co. 2010
Logan "Rock'n'Roll Way" The Great Unknown 2010
Firebird "Ruined" Double diamond 2010
Elephant Mountain "Words With Friends" The Last Days of Planet Earth 2010
Alter Bridge "Fallout" AB III 2010
Samarah "Into This World" The World Stop Turning 2010
Hail The Villain "Evil Has A Name" Population: Declining 2010
Silvergun "Throw It Away" Goodbye to Yesterday 2010
Masterplan "The Black One" Time To Be King 2010
Halford "Like There's No Tomorrow" Made of Metal 2010
Black Spiders "Just Like A Woman" Sons of the North 2010
Green Manalishi "Fear Alive" Unknown Force 2007
Los Suaves "Esa Noche Te Perdí" 29 Años, 9 Meses y 1 Dia 2010
Barricada y Rosendo "Barrio Conflictivo" Otra Noche Sin Dormir 2008
Nancy Hole "Eleétrica" Ángeles 2009
Lagartija Nick "El Signo de los Tiempos" El Shock de Leia 2007
La Próxima Víctima "Maldito Maleficio" demo 2010
Silvio y Los Diplomáticos "Mammy and Daddy" A Color 1999
Pan de Higo "Sal en el Lagrimal" Las Vergüenzas de los Zotes
Tierra Santa "La Voz del Desierto" Caminos de Fuego 2010
Emboque "Recuerdos" Voy a Por Ti 2010
La Inconsciencia de Uoho "Mujer Brutal (Ace of Spades)" Inconscientes 2007
Hora Zulú "A Ver Si Me Entiendes" Me Duele La Boca De Decirlo 2002

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Playlist del Lunes

El lunes, como es habitual hubo programa, aunque no pusiera el playlist, por cuestion de tiempo.... pero ahora mismo lo hago:

Ron de Caña "Compadre" Al Sur 1990/2010
La Huella Muda "Al Sur" Baladas de Amor y Odio 2010
Los Suaves "¿Sabes?, Phill Lynott Murió" 29 Años, 9 Mese y 1 Dia 2010
The Soulbreaker Company "No Way Back Home" Itaca 2010
Maggot Brain "Arriba" Tributo a Panzer
Star Mafia Boy "Nada Que Perder" La Noche de los Vampiros 2010
Soul Gestapo "High Voltage Man" Just One Day 2010
Bonafide "Straight Shooters" Something's Dripping 2009
Hogjaw "Blacktop" Ironwood 2010
Stacie Collins "Hey Mister" Sometimes Ya Gotta... 2010
Hinder "Wakin' Up The Devil" All American Nightmare 2010
Hardcore Superstar "Guestlists" Split Your Lip 2010
Apocalyptica "End of Me" 7th Symphony 2010
Stryper "Blackout" The Covering 2011
Avenged Sevenfold "Welcome to the Family" Nightmare 2010
Bullet For My Valentine "Bittersweet Memories" Fever 2010
Monster Magnet "100 Million miles" Mastermind 2010
Motörhead "Devils In My Head" The World Is Yours 2011
Jackyl "Deeper In Darkness" When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide 2010
Black Spiders "Si, El Diablo" Sons of the North 2010
Virgin Steele "The Orpheus Taboo" Black Light Bacchanalia 2010
Volbeat "Magic Zone" Beyond Hell, Above Heaven 2010
Scheepers "Before The Dawn" Scheepers 2011
Benedictum "Grind It" Dominion 2011
Mr. Big "Still Ain't Enough For Me" What If... 2011
Tesla "Hang Tough" Alive Across Europe 2010
Baphomet "Malograda Depresion" Metamorphosis 2010

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Playlist de Hoy

La semana pasada, aunque no pusimos el playlist hubo programa, pero andaba demasiado liado y no pude escribirlo. El programa se lo dedicamos a Black Sabbath, aprovechando que el sábado habia concurso de grupos versionando a los maestros. Basamos nuestro programa en los discos de tributo Nativity In Black I y II.
El playlist de hoy te lo pongo ya, para que no vuelva a ocurrir lo de la semana pasada.

Turisas "Rasputin" Boney M. Cover
Y&T "On With The Show" Facemelter 2010
Black Sabbath "Children of the Grave" Master of Reality 1971
Ron de Caña "Al Sur" Al Sur 1990/2010
Rhino Bucket "Message In A Bottle" Who's Got Mine 2010
Bonafide "Dirt Bound" Something's Dripping 2009
Stacie Collins "Long Gone" The Lucky Spot 2007
Two Cow Garage "Lucy and the Butcher Knife" Sweet Saint Me 2010
Hogjaw "Rollin Thunder" Ironwood 2010
The Brought Low "Old Century" Third Record 2010
Thunder Driven "The Terror" Atomik Rock 2010
Billion Dollar Babies "Boys Night Out" Die for Diamonds 2010
Seductive Luck "Can't Be Tamed" Can't Be Tamed 2010
Mother Misery "Dirty Little Secrets" Standing Alone 2010
The Damned Things "Handbook for the Recently Deceased" Ironiclast 2010
Black Country Comunion "The Great Divide" Balck Country Comunion 2010
Stray Bullet "The World Is Yours" The World Is Yours 2010
Motörhead "Get Back In Line" The World Is Yours 2010
Stratovarius "Under Flaming Skies" Elysium 2011
Stryper "On Fire" The Covering 2011
Benedictum "Dominiom" Dominion 2011
Sheepers "Locked In The Dungeon" Sheepers 2011
Ten "Endless Symphony" Stormwarning 2011
Hurtsmile "Stillborn" Hurtsmile 2011
Mr. Big "American Beauty" What If... 2011
James Labrie "One More Time" Static Impulse 2010