lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

Playlist de lunes 30 de Diciembre, último programa de 2013, especial internacional

No están todos los que son pero si son todos los que están............

Motörhead "Heartbreaker"
Clutch "Crucial Velocity"
Black Sabbath "Naïveté In Black"
Kadavar "Come Back Life"
Orchid "Wizard Of War"
The Quill "Freak Parade"
Tracer "El Pistolero"
Vista Chino "Dargona Dragona"
Dead Lord "Hammer To The Heart"
Monster Truck "The Lion"
Vidunder "Into Her Grave"
Status Quo "Looking Out For Caroline"
Pat Travers "Long Time Gone"
Anthrax "Smokin'"
Deep Purple "Hell To Pay"
Hogjaw "Cold Dead Fingers"
Imperial State Electric "Mor Than Enough Of Your Love"
Michael Monroe "TNT Diet"
The Answer "Concrete"
The Cult "Wild Flower"
The Del-Lords "When The Drugs Kick In"
The Quireboys "Diamonds And Dirty Stones"
Bonafide "Bombo"
Valient Thorr "Nervous Energy"
Ashes Of Ares "What I Am"
Saxon "Sacrifice"
Volbeat "Room 24"
Annihilator "Deadlock"
Children Of Bodom "Waste Of Skin"
Kreator "People Of The Lie"

Como se nos quedan muchos sin poner es probable que el próximo sea una continuación......
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martes, 24 de diciembre de 2013

Happy B. Day Mr. Kilmister

Dios ha nacido dicen todos, pues claro que si, ya hace 68 años, esperemos que cumpla muchos mas y todos lo veamos en los escenarios.

Playlist de ayer lunes 23 de Diciembre

El programa de anoche fue un recopilatorio de bandas españolas, con discos del 2013 y algunos de años anteriores que por distintos motivos han tenido especial relevancia en este año en nuestro programa, y así quedó la cosa:

The Smokers "Perdido"
Sobredosis "Esclavo"
Hora Zulú "Caigan Del Cielo"
Taquikardic Sinners "Kung-Fu Sinner"
Playa Angel "Shangri-La"
Granfan "I Don't Wanna Know"
'77 "Jazz It Up"
Def Con Dos "España Es Idiota"
Bourbon "No Llegaras"
Burning "Bestia Azul"
Devil's Dandruff "To The Sea"
Dry Gaznate "Rock'n'Roll"
El Drogas "Debajo De Aquel Arbol"
Extremoduro "Que Borde Era Mi Valle"
G.A.S. Drummers "We Got The Light"
Los Coronas "Fuerte Comansi"
Rosendo "Vergüenza Torera"
Sherpa "Tienes Un Amigo"
Star Mafia Boy "Angel Caido"
The Monster Ones "Alien Paradise"
Viaje A 800 "Ni Perdon Ni Olvido"
Narco "Tu Ley"
Muro "Muero Por Ti"
Brutal Thin "Vas A Infringir El Orden"
Crisix "I.Y.F.F."
Angelus Apatrida "You Are Next"

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martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 16 de Diciembre

Potente y variado el programa que nos salió anoche:

Deep Purple "All The Time In The World (Live)"
Vidunder "Threat From The Underground"
Imperial State Electric "Dead Things"
Burning "Demasiado Sucio"
'77 Virtually Good"
El Drogas "Come Elefantes"
Electric Fly Killers "Hell Or Heaven"
Sherpa "Stand Up"
Hugh Laurie "Unchain My Heart"
Motörhead "Dust And Glass"
The Quireboys "King Of Fools"
Leslie West "Don't Ever Let Me Go"
Bonafide "Suburb Baby blues"
White Cowbell Oklahoma "Bully Black"
Monter Truck "Undercover Love"
Stonebreed "I'm Gone"
Kadavar "Liquid Dream"
Beastmilk "The Wind blows Through Their Skulls"
Astray "Idle Conversation"
Mountain Witch "Sleepers Chant"
Beastwars "Dune"
Magister Templi "Tiphareth"
Goya "Blackfire"
Southern Whiskey Rebellion "Prodigal Son"
Pro-Pain "One Shot, One Kill"
Lita Ford "Dancing On The Edge"
Testament "New Order"

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domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Vidunder. Sala Supersonic, Martes 17 Diciembre 2013

Playlist del lunes 9 de Diciembre

De aquesta manera resultó el programa:

The Monster Ones "Alien Paradise"
Imperial State Electric "Into The Void"
Clutch "Pigtown Blues"
Gugun Power Trio "Woman"
Buckcherry "Gluttony"
Ugly Kid Joe "You Make Me Sick"
Hardcore Superstar "C'mon Take On Me"
Helloween "World Of War"
Krokus "Let The Good Times Roll"
'77 "Stay Away From Water"
Anthrax "T.N.T."
Unida & Metal Church "The Thing That Should No Be"
Metallica "Rebel Of Babylon"
Motörhead "Knife"
Michael Monroe "Ritual"
Vista Chino "Adara"
Monster Magnet "Strobe Light Beatdown"
Southern Whiskey Rebellion "Scars In Her Eyes"
Black Sabbath "Children of The Grave"
Pro-Pain "Party In Paris"
Sinner "Don't Believe A Word"
Adler "Dead Wrong"
The Night Flight Orchestra "Miami 5:02"
Hellsingland Underground "The Lost River Band"
Boston "Life, Love & Hope"
Saxon "Iron Wheels"

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lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 2 de Diciembre

Así de potente resultó el ultimo programa:

Black Sabbath "WarPigs"
Night Ranger "New York Time"
Imperial State Electric "More than Enough Of Your Love"
Boston "Heaven On Earth"
Mad Max "Sons Of Anarchy"
Leslie West "Feeling Good"
The Answer "White Flag"
'77 "16 Year Old King"
G.A.S. Drummers "Fallen Angels"
Viaje A 800 "Ni Perdon Ni Olvido"
El Drogas "Peineta y Mantilla"
Black Magic Darkness "Run! Dagger! Run!"
Black Spiders "Teenage Knife Gang"
Kill Devil Hill "Endless Static"
Chastain "Call Of The Wild"
Megadeth "Cold Sweat"
Michael's Schenker Temple of Rock "Horizons"
Running Wild "Fireheart"
Saxon "Frozen Rainbow"
Morse Portnoy George "The Letter"
Jimi Hendrix "Crash Landing"
Troubled Horse "I've Been Losing"
Clutch "50,000 Unstoppable Watts"
Motörhead "Paralyzed"
Onslaught "Cruci-Fiction"
Pro-Pain "All Systems Fall"
Testament "Into The Pit"

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domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 25 de Noviembre

Así de chulo nos quedó el último programa:

Lita Ford "Devil In My Hand"
Night Ranger "Neverland"
Status Quo "Down Down"
Leslie West "Dyin' Since The Day I Was Born"
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock "Where The Wild Winds Blow"
Chastain "Stand and Fight"
Saxon "Broken Heroes"
The Winery Dogs "The Other Side"
UFO "Fight Night"
Iggy And The Stooges "Sex & Money"
The Rolling Stones "It's Only Rock'n'Roll"
Bad Religion "O Come All Ye Faithful"
Kentucky Bridgeburners "Scream The Devil Away"
Black Actress "Wrong Side Of The Track"
The Last Vegas "Devil In You"
'77 "Jazz It Up"
Bourbon "Algo Me Dice Que No"
Def Con Dos "Definete"
Devil's Dandruff "My Beautiful Dream"
Rosendo "Cuando"
Ghost Riders "Money Magnet"
Motörhead "Do You Believe"
Rock City Morgue "Broken Man"
Vicious Rumors "Strange Ways"
Red Fang "Crows In Swine"
Amendfoil "Origin"
Annihilator "Smear Campaign"

Lo tienes para oir o descargar en Ivoox y esta noche se repite a las 21:00 hora peninsular española en Pasion FM Radio