sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

Playlist del lunes 16 de Febrero

Danko Jones "The Night She Walked Into My Life"
Adrenaline mob "Black Sabbath Medley"
Thunder "Wonder Days"
Ceucified Barbara "Follow The Stream"
Devil's Train "Born To Be Wild"
Blackberry Smoke "Let Me Help You"
Neal Morse "The Great Experiment"
Gov't Mule "Sco-Mule"
Eric Clapton "Lies"
Julian Maeso "I Must Have Been Dreaming"
The Vintage Caravan "Expand Your Mind"
Leather Boys "Sexagenary Sex"
Rosendo "Amaina Tempestad"
Stingers "On The Way"
Sweet & Lynch "The Wish"
Dracula "True Love Through Blood"
Loudness "Never Ending Fire"
Kreyskull "Soulway Station"
Motörhead "Keep Us On The Road"
Los Bastardos Finlandeses "Scrapyard"
Tankard "Breakfast For Champions"
Holy Moses "Sacred Sorrows"
Angelus Apatrida "Architects"
Defcon One "Son of God, Daughters of Men"
Napalm Death "Hierachies"

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domingo, 15 de febrero de 2015

Playlist del lunes 9 de Febrero

Este fue nuestro programa:

Leather Boys "Leather Gunner"
Los Bastardos Finlandeses "BMF"
Danko Jones "Wild Woman"
Blackberry Smoke "Holding All The Roses"
AC/DC "Rock The Blues Away"
Quiet Riot "Rock In Peace"
Heavy Tiger "I'm Alive"
Nazareth "Expect No Mercy"
Cinderella "Somebody Save Me"
Led Zeppelin "Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown"
Rosendo "Sorprendente"
Julian Maeso "What About Sad John"
Sherpa "Tienes Un Amigo"
Angelus Apatrida "First World of Terror"
Adrenaline Mob "Devil Went Down to Georgia"
Devil's Train "Rock Forever"
Go! Go! Gorillo "My Home Is My Hell"
Joe Elliot's Down'n'Outz "Marionette"
Slash "The Dissident"
Ted Nugent "Fear Itself"
Brant Bjork "Stokely Up Now"
Bong Breaker "Down"
Wolfmother "Enemy Is In Your Mind"
Venom "Temptation"
Overkill "It's All Yours"
Entombed A.D. "Pandemic Rage"

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domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Playlist del lunes 2 de Febrero

Potente, creo que se puede definir así:

Adrenaline Mob "Snortin' Whiskey"
Devil's Train "Gimme Love"
RAM "Creatures of the Night"
Portrait "Aggressor"
Dracula "Save Me"
Gov't Mule "Doing It To Death"
Baron Rojo "Tierra de Vandalos"
Julian Maeso "A Change Is Gonna Come"
Rosendo "Vegüenza Torera"
Sex Museum "La Californiana"
Heavy Tiger "Chinatown"
AC/DC "Get Some Rock'n'Roll Thunder"
Demolition 23 "Nothin's Alright"
Sweet & Lynch "Recover"
UDO "House of Fake"
Voivod "We Are Connected"
Arenna "The Strangest of lives"
Venom "Long Haired Punks"
Red Fang "Malverde"
Angelus Apatrida "Immortal"
At The Gates "The Book of Sand"
Exodia "Infected Hate"
Pitch Black Forecast "Season In Hell"

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domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Playlist del lunes 26 de Enero

Variedad, ante todo variedad:

Eric Clapton "They Call Me the Breeze"
The Jayhawks "Big Star"
Julian Maeso "Leave It In Time"
Baron Rojo "Campo de Concentracion"
Rosendo "Sorprendente"
Devil's Train "Down On You"
UDO "Speeder"
Dracula "Walking on Water"
RAM "Welcome to My Funeral"
Portrait "Blessed to be Cursed"
Bigelf "Edge of Oblivion"
Frank Hannon Band "New York City (Psycho Cab Ride"
Cinderella "Gypsy Road"
Motörhead "(I Won't) Pay your Price"
Hogjaw "Rollin Thunder"
Danko Jones "Do You Wanna Rock"
Truckfighters "Prophet"
Bloody Hammers "The Moon Eyed People"
Venom "The Death of Rock'n'Roll"
Napalm Death "Stubborn Stains"
Obituary "Mind of the World"
Diabolus In Extremis "Sin Salida"
Exodia "Wicked Seed"
Kathew "Insurreccion"

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