domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 18 de Noviembre

Variado, con novedades, así quedó el programa del lunes pasado:

Goodbye June "Shred Of Lightning"
Lita Ford "The Bitch Is Back"
Apocalyptica "Path In Life"
Amendfoil "Blackleg"
Gonzales "Liars"
Dödaren "Agren Ner I Graven"
Monster Truck "Call It A Spade"
Black Label Society "Losin' Your Mind"
Coney Hatch "Marseille"
Snakecharmer "Stand Up"
The Darkness "Concrete"
Jorn "Legend Man"
Blaze Bayley "The Brave"
Bonafide "Better Safe Than Sorry"
42 Decibels "Addicted"
'77 "Highway Rebel"
Devil's Dandruff "By The Hand Of The Storm"
Narco "Ven A Torreblanca"
Texas Hippie Coalition "8 Seconds"
Death Dealer "Triumph and Victory"
Motörhead "End Of Time"
Clutch "Earth Rocker"
Blues Pills "Time Is Now"
Deep Purple "It'll Be Me"
Rory Kelly "Go To Man"
The Quireboys "King Of Fools"
Kreator "Betrayer"

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lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 11 de Noviembre

Asi de bien nos quedó el programa del pasado lunes. Esta noche a las 23:00 hora peninsular tenemos nueva edición en el 88.4 de la FM (Utrera) y en Pasion FM Radio.

Volbeat "7 Shots (Live from Wacken 2012)"
Def Leppard "Wasted"
Rhino Bucket "Beg For Your Love"
Testament "Trial By Fire"
Suicidal Tendencies "Shake It Out"
Metal Church "Scream"
Ashes of Ares "What I Am"
Los Bastardos Finlandeses "Old Dog In The Rain"
Motörhead "Lost Woman Blues" 
Rodriguez "Sugar Man"
Hogjaw "Shiny Brass"
Buckcherry "Nothing Left But Tears"
King Kobra "The Ballad Of Johnny Rod"
Kingdom Come "The Trap Is alive"
'77 "Don't You Scream"
Devil's Dandruff "Fight For Her Soul"
Blues Pills "Devil Man"
Black Spider "Knock You Out"
Black Magic Darkness "The Buried Remains"
Vanderbuyst "In Dutch"
Kill Devil Hill "Endless Static"
Monster Magnet "Strobe Light Beatdown"
Red Fang "This Animal"
Screaming Eagles "Take My Time"
Van Halen "The Trouble With Never"
The Winery Dogs "Six Feet Deeper"
Joe Satriani "Can't Go Back"

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domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Próximos conciertos de "Retorno a la Escena del Crimen"

Playlist del lunes 4 de Noviembre

Así quedó el programa del pasado lunes, una primera parte con bandas de Serie Z Festival 2013 y el resto...... buen material:

Pat Travers "Black Dog Blues"
Valient Thorr "Torn Apart"
Sex Museum "I'm Falling Down"
Hong Faux "Jack Of Clubs"
G.A.S. Drummers "Blind"
Heavy Metal Kids "Girl Of My Dreams"
'77 "Maximum Rock'n'Roll"
Lydia Loveless "Bad Way To Go"
Los Coronas "Clepatra Stomp"
The Del-Lords "When The Drugs Kick In"
The Smokers "Perdido"
The Western Sizzlers "I'll Die A Happy Man If It Kill Me"
The Hangmen "Desperation Town"
The Dictators "Who Will Save Rock'n'Roll?"
MC5 "Kick Out The Jams"
Def Leppard "Action"
Sammy Hagar "Going Down"
Chico Seeds "Water"
Ahes Of Ares "Dead Man's Plight"
Devil's Dandruff "Loades Gun (Over The Edge)"
Taquikardic Sinners "Kung Fu Sinner"
Sherpa "Tienes Un Amigo"
Rosendo "Al Lodo Brillo"
Goodbye June "Microscope"
Michael Monroe "Don't Block The Sun"
Motörhead "Keep Your Powder Dry"
The Answer "Scream A Louder Love"
The Quill "Darkest Moon"
ZZ Top "Flying High"
The Quireboys Diamonds and Dirty Stones"

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domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 28 de Octubre

El lunes pasado el programa quedó como sigue:

Motörhead "Coup De Grace"
Def Leppard "On Through The Night"
Pat Travers "Rock Island Blues"
Coney Hatch "Connected"
Bonafide "Harmony"
Lydia Loveless "Do Right"
Devil's Dandruff "Get Some"
Sex Museum "I Enjoy The Forbidden"
Rosendo "Delirio"
Los coronas "Fuerte Comansi"
Sherpa "Mentaliban"
Crisix "One By One"
Kill Hill Devil "No Way Out"
God Delusion "Not My Blood"
Sasquatch "Wolves At My Door"
Iron Tongue "Witchery"
Mushroom Caravan Overdrive "Psychedelic Lady"
Trouble "Hunters of  Doom"
Ashes of Ares "Punishment"
Gamma Ray "Death Or Glory"
Sinner "Heat Of The City"
The Western Sizzlers "Break The Rules"
Hogjaw "83"
Valient Thorr "Good News Bad News"
Kadavar "Come Back Life"
Metal Church "Dead City"
The Dictators "The Party Starts Now"

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