domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 22 de Diciembre

Penúltimo programa del año, prácticamente un resumen.....

AC/DC "Rock the Blues Away"
Black Hat Bones "Maneater"
Mr. Big "Gotta Love the Ride"
Ace Frehley "I Wanna Hold You"
Blood God "Sexy Music for Sexy People"
Accept "Dark Side of My Heart"
Hellion "Rockin' Till The End"
Anthrax "Madhouse"
Star Mafia Boy "La Reina de la Fiesta"
The Monster Ones "Alien Paradise"
Sex Museum "Judee Sill"
The Soulbreaker Co "How Will We Get By?"
Julian Maeso "What About Sad John"
Stingers "On The Way"
The Quireboys "Double Dealin'"
Fu Manchu "Radio Source Sagittarius"
John Garcia "Saddleback"
Bloody Hammers "Under Satan's Sun"
Wolfmother "How Many Times"
Truckfighters "Mind Control"
Orange Goblin "Demon Blues"
Chrome Division "(She's) Hot Tonight"
Texas Hippie Coalition "El Diablo Rojo"
Overkill "Where There's Smoke"
Rigor Mortis "Poltergeist"
Morgoth "God Is Evil"

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domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 15 de Diciembre

No hemos pretendido hacer un especial del año, pero algo similar nos salió......

U.D.O. "Decadent"
Lynch Mob "Erotika"
Radio Moscow "So Alone"
Mars Red Sky "Hovering Satellites"
Wishbone Ash "Take It Back"
Rival Sons "Play the Fool"
AC/DC "Hard Times"
Bulletrain "Dark Days (Dark Nights)"
Foo Fighters "Congragation"
Electric Mary "Welcome to the Otherside"
Mustasch "All My Life"
The Last Vegas "Lucky 13"
H.E.A.T. "Inferno"
Nazareth "Puch a Hole in the Sky"
Slash "Wicked Stone"
Crucified Barbara "The Ghost Inside"
Brant Bjork "Stokely Up Now"
American Sharks "Overdrive"
Beasto Blanco "Bloodshot"
Mastodon "The Motherload"
Ratos de Porao "Puta, Viagra e Corrupçao"
Obituary "Within A Dying Breed"
At The Gates "At War With Reality"
Machine Head "Game Over"
Exodus "Salt The Wound"
System of a Down "Cigaro"

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domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 1 de Diciembre

Variado, cuando menos quedó un programa variado..........

Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns "I'm Alone Because I Love You"
Hayseed Dixie "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Eli "Paperboy" Reed "Ace of Spades"
The Detroit Cobras "Ya Ya Ya (Looking for my aby)"
The Solution "Soulmover"
The Ramones "We're A Happy Family"
The Dubrovnicks "Audio Sonic Love Affair"
AC/DC "Baptism of Fire"
Accept "Final Journey"
Bloodgod "Mr. Kill"
Saxon "Denim & Leather"
Europe "Suicide"
The Melvins "Eyes On You"
Buenas Noches Rose "Buenas Noches Rose"
Guitar Mafia "Rock'n'Roll Mama"
Ilegales "Regreso al Sexo Quimicamente Puro"
Jupiter "Destrozado por tu Pasion"
Coz "Chica de Cristal"
Bella Bestia "Bella Bestia"
Hora Zulú "AVer Si Me Entiendes"
Estigia "Fuerzas de Seguridad"
Fuck Off "Witch (Hell Below the Belly)"
Alabama Thunderpussy "Ambition"
Red Fang "Human Herd"
Brant Bjork "We Don't Serve Their Kind"
Sodom "Sacred Warpath"
Rigor Mortis "Rain of Ruin"
Obituary "Minds of the World"

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