martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Playlist del lunes 16 de Diciembre

Potente y variado el programa que nos salió anoche:

Deep Purple "All The Time In The World (Live)"
Vidunder "Threat From The Underground"
Imperial State Electric "Dead Things"
Burning "Demasiado Sucio"
'77 Virtually Good"
El Drogas "Come Elefantes"
Electric Fly Killers "Hell Or Heaven"
Sherpa "Stand Up"
Hugh Laurie "Unchain My Heart"
Motörhead "Dust And Glass"
The Quireboys "King Of Fools"
Leslie West "Don't Ever Let Me Go"
Bonafide "Suburb Baby blues"
White Cowbell Oklahoma "Bully Black"
Monter Truck "Undercover Love"
Stonebreed "I'm Gone"
Kadavar "Liquid Dream"
Beastmilk "The Wind blows Through Their Skulls"
Astray "Idle Conversation"
Mountain Witch "Sleepers Chant"
Beastwars "Dune"
Magister Templi "Tiphareth"
Goya "Blackfire"
Southern Whiskey Rebellion "Prodigal Son"
Pro-Pain "One Shot, One Kill"
Lita Ford "Dancing On The Edge"
Testament "New Order"

Recuerda que lo repetimos el domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular española en Pasion Fm Radio, y ya esta disponible también en Ivoox

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