domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Playlist del lunes 10 de Noviembre

asín quedó:

Machine Head "Killers & Kings"
Foo Fighters "The Feast and the Famine"
Bulletrain "Nothing But Trouble"
Crucified Barbara "Electric Sky"
Sick Of It All "Losing War"
Fu Manchu "Dimension Shifter"
Electric Citizen "Future Persuasion"
Ace Frehley "Reckless"
Adrenaline Mob "Men of Honor"
Bigelf "Alien Frequency"
Bloody Hammers "Dead Man's Shadow On The Wall"
Chrome Division "Dirty Dog"
D.A.D. "Fast On Wheels"
electric Mary "Already Gone"
Exodus "Honor Killings"
Hellion "Watch The City Burn"
Imperial State Electric "Underwhelmed"
John Garcia "All These Walls"
Mammothor "Slave One Day"
Mos Generator "Beyond The Whip"
Obituary "Intoxicated"
Supercharger "The Crash"
Truckfighters "Mind Control"
Wolfmother "New Crown"
Supersuckers "The Evil Powers of R'n'R"

Ya sabes que se repite el domingo a las 21:00 hora peninsular española en Pasion FM Radio 88.4 y lo tienes también en Ivoox

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