sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

Palylist del lunes 2 de Junio

en el capítulo anterior............

Kiss "Unholy"
The Last Vegas "Invicible Summer"
Dynamite "Blackout Station"
Night Ranger "High Road"
Helix "Bastard of the Blues"
The Random Riots "The Devil's Boogie"
Bloody Hammers "Dead Man's Shadow On The Wall"
King Hiss "Bite The Bait"
Bigelf "Alien Frequency"
Rage "Mistery Trip"
Kyng "Sunday Smile"
Sex Museum "Judee Sill"
Devil's Dandruff "Sunday Morning"
Los Suaves "¿Sabes? Phil Lynott Murió"
Burning "Corre Conmigo"
Rosendo "Vergüenza Torera"
Foxy Shazam "Poem Public"
Magnum "Live 'Till You Die"
Gasoline Stars "Weekend"
Joe Elliot's Down & Outz "Marionette"
Imperial State Electric "Born Again"
Beasto Blanco "Breakdown"
Mammothor "Tyrannicide"
American Sharks "Overdrive"
Arch Enemy "On and On"
Beyond Perception "Order of the Pigs"
Oruga "We, The Darknes"

como sabes se repite el domingo a las 21:00 en Pasion FM Radio y lo tienes tambien en Ivoox

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