lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Mi prima ha venido hoy a la radio y mira donde se ha puesto los auriculares.... ahora a mi se me caen!

The Answer "Dead Of The Night" Everyday Demons 2009
Burn Halo "So Addicted" Burn Halo
Nancy Hole "Perdoname Madre" Angeles 2009
Guitar Mafia "Apuñalado" Rock & Roll Tatuado 2008
Def Leppard "Go" Songs From The Sparkle Lounge 2008
Kingdom Come "So Unreal" Magnified 2009
Impelliteri "Wicked Maiden" Wicked Maiden 2009
Jorge Salan "The Dragon" Subsuelo 2009
Huma "A Fuego Lento" Semilla Del Mal 2009
Iron Maiden "Back In The Village" Powerslave 1984
Uriah Heep "Look At Yourself" Live January 1973
Lilith "Guau" Sal Si Puedes 2009
Def Con Dos "Hipotecate Tu" Hipotecate Tu 2009
Crucified Barbara "Feels Like Death" Til Death Do Us Party 2009
Bad Wizard "Lay Your Love On Me" Free and Easy 2001
The Helliphants "Lemmy"
Gorilla Monsoon "Rock Me Over" Extermination Hammer 2008
God Forbid "The Rain" Earthsblood 2009
Grand Magus "Fear Is The Key" Iron Will 2008
Ted Nugent "Motor City Madhouse" Ted Nugent 1975
JackViper "Devil May Care" Bullets For the Faithful 2007
The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)" Electric Ladyland 1968
Marvel "Come In Out Of The Rain" Unleashed
Lemmy "Thirsty & Miserable" Rise Above.... 2002
Red River Revival "Hands On The Wheel"
Motociclon "Mi Barrio 1983" Himnos de Extrarradio 2007
Great White "Danger Zone" Rising 2009

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Ahora sé porque ya no me invitas al programa mamón.....