lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2008

Playlist de Hoy

De todo hay en la viña del Señor.....

Y&T "Mean Streak" BBC Live 2000
The Hellacopters "I'm In The Band" Live Hove Festival 2008
American Dog "Bomber" Foamin' At The Mouth Live 2005
Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant" There'll Always Be An England 2008
Dio "Killing The Dragon" Kobetasonik 2008
Kiss "Lick It Up" Kobetasonik 2008
Black Sabbath "Fairies Wear Boots" Live Greece 2005
Motorhead "Teach You How To Sing The Blues" Motorizer 2008
Loaded "No More" Wasted Heart ep 2008
Bettie Ford "Ode To The Angels" Singapore Sling 2008
Black Halos "Princess St. Princess" We Are Not Alone 2008
Buckcherry "Tired Of You" Black Butterfly 2008
Ill Niño "Compulsion Of virus And Fever" Enigma 2008
Disturbed "Deceiver" Indestructible 2008
Dismember "The Hills Have Eyes" Dismember 2008
Children Of Bodom "Hellhounds On My Trail" Blooddrunk 2008
Rockzilla "Your Love Is My Hate" Beyond Tomorrow 2007
Extremoduro "Tercer Movimiento: Lo De Dentro" La Ley Innata 2008
Puerta 104 "Empapado En Alcohol" Piedras 2008
Señor No "Fieston" Siempre Te Dire Que No 2003
Burning "Es Especial" Desnudo En El Joy 2008
Queen "C-lebrity" The Cosmos Rocks 2008
J.J. Dupree & Dixie Inc. "Money Lovin & Speed" Rev It Up and Go-Go 2008
Dream Theater "Forsaken" Forsaken single 2008
Y&T "Midnight In Tokyo" Live Bootleg 2007

Nos vemos el Viernes en la Q!!!

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