lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Slow Motion Co. "Funeral Service"
Ansiado "Luisa" Viajando a la Eternidad 2009
Calibre Zero "Buenos Tiempos" Jugando con Fuego 2008
Rockzilla "Brother" Straight
Avalanch "Alborada" Caminar Sobre el Agua 2008
Muletrain "White Lies"
Nancy Hole "Bajo Tu Piel" Angeles 2009
Lilith "Dios" Sal Si Puedes 2009
Star Mafia Boy "Enemigo Publico Nº 1" 2009
Asfalto "Ser Urbano" Asfalto 1978
Joe Lynn Turner "Detroit Rock City" Kiss Tribute
Primal Fear "Under The Radar" 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You´re Dead) 2009
Pathosray "Crown of Thorns" Sunless Skies 2009
Saint Deamon "The Only One Sane (Nevermore)" Pandeamonium 2009
Impelliteri "Hi-Scool Revolution" Wicked Maiden 2009
Black Sheriff "Hard Rock Country" Black Sheriff
The Bondage Corporation "From Texas to Transylvania" The Haywire Gospels
The Rockets "Don't Deny" Turn It On
Marvel "I Wanna Know You (Just A Little Bit Better)" Thunderblood Heart 2008
Silver Tongued Devil "Murder City Shakedown" Red-Eyed and Tongue Tied 2000
Nasty Idols "Crashlanding" Boys Town 2009
Ministry "Rio Grande Blood" Adios...Puta Madres 2009
Lamb of God "In Your Words" Wrath 2009
Dollar Llama "Attempt to Fail" Under The Hurricane 2009
Malefice "Abandon Hope" Dawn Of Reprisal 2009
Profane Omen "Superpowertrip" Inherit The Void 2009
The Years Ends In Arson "I Can't Wake Up" Vessels 2009

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