lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Lunes de Resurreccion, y nunca mejor dicho, despues de haber cumplido con la penitencia de no poder ester la semana pasada con vosotros, resucito hoy de nuevo.

The Answer "On And On" Everyday Demons" 2009
AC/DC "Rock'n' Roll Train" Black Ice 2008
Airbourne "When The Girl Gets Hot (The Love Don't Stop)" Ready To Rock EP 2004
Hot Leg "Chickens" Red Light Fever 2009
Crucified Barbara "Sex Action" Til Death Do Us Party 2009
The Robots "In the Sign of the Octopus" We Are Everywhere 2004
Nitrovolt "Rock It Out"
The Dynaminds "Big Deal Sucker" Tunes From The Dusky Dirt Zone
Rockzilla "Big Generation" Straight (No Editado)
Nancy Hole "Electrica" Angeles 2009
Guitar Mafia "Peligroso" Rock and Roll Tatuado 2008
Star Mafia Boy "Callejero (Maquillaje y Vino Barato)" Promo 2009
Heaven & Hell "Neverwhere" The Devil You Know 2009
Ian Gillan "One Eye To Morocco" One Eye To Morocco 2009
Universal Temple Of Divine Power "Move It On Over" Hands of God 2008
Duff McKagan's Loaded "The Slide" Sick 2009
Queensryche "The Killer" American Soldier 2009
Candlemass "If I Ever Die" Death Magic Doom 2009
Pestilence "Devouring Frenzy" Resurrection Macabre 2009
Inmortal "Solarfall" At The Heart Of Winter 1999
Vanna "Into Hell's Mouth We March" A New Hope 2009
Alimaña Hardcore "Desolacion" Desolacion 2009
La Huella "Siempre Hay Una Historia" Siempre Hay Una Historia 2009
Bad Way "My Way" Dead Letters 2009
Lilith "Todo Es Nada" Sal Si Puedes 2009
Sapattivuosi "Pelon Lait (Neon Knights)" Ihmisen Merkki 2009

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