lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Alice Cooper "Prologue/I Know where You Live" Along Came A Spider 2008
Gary Moore "Walking Through The Park" Bad For You Baby" 2008
Green Manalishi "Fear alive" Unknown Force 2007
The Answer "Walkin' Mat" Everyday Demons 2009
The Fuzztones "Garden of My Mind" Horny As Hell 2008
The Midnight Travellers "Dirty & Wild" Uncommon Sense 2009
AC/DC "She Likes Rock'n'Roll" Black Ice 2008
Guitar Mafia "No Puedo Perder" Rock'n'Roll Tatuado 2008
Michelle "Meretriz" Rock'n'Roll Babilonia 2007
Yakuzas "Clavame Tus Chapas" Bondage 2009
Volbeat "Making Believe (bonus)" Guitar Gansters & Cadillac Blood 2008
Goldfish "Feed From Me" EP
Serpent Throne "The Battle Of Old Crow" The Battle Of Old Crow 2008
Motociclon "La Perfo"
Muletrain "White Lies"
Born To Lose "Not Alone" Sweet Misery 2006
Bourbon Flame "Rock Vice" Bourbon Flame 2008
Minapolaris "Can't Help you Anything" Dead At The Racecourse 2008
The Hellacopters "Angel Dust" Grande Rock 1999
The Parlor Mob "Carnival Of Crows" And You Were a Crow 2008
Bullet For My Valentine "Waking The Demon" Scream Aim Fire 2008
Vision Divine "The Kiling Speed Of Time" 9 Degrees West Of The Moon 2009
Crisis de Fe "Nunca Llueve Eternamente" Nunca Llueve Eternamente 2008
Pappo's Blues "Auto Rojo" El Auto Rojo 1999
Los Ajustadores "No Va Mas" El Templo 2008
Foxboro Hot Tubs "She's A Saint Not A Celebrity" Stop Drop And Roll 2008

Ahí queda eso...

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