lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

Playlist de Hoy

Twister Sister "We're Not Gonna Take It" Live At Hammersmith 1994
Queen Of The Stone Age "You think i ain't worth a dollar..." Live At BBC
The Hellacopters "Hopeless Case of A Kind Of Denial" Live Roskilde 2001
Aerosmith "Mama Kin" Live Bootleg 1978
ZZ Top "Cheap Sunglasses" Live From Texas 2008
The Muggs "Slow Curve" On ith The Show 2008
The Answer "Preachin" Rise 2007
Led Zeppelin "Rumble On" Mothership 2007
Mother Superior "Got To Move" Kaleidoscope 1997
Blaze Bayley "The Man Who Would Not Die" Idem 208
Saxon "Demon Sweeny Todd" Into The Labyrinth 2009
Sinner "Connection" Crash & Burn 2008
Kreator "Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)" Hordes Of Chaos 2009
Anthrax "Imitation Of Life" Among The Living 1987
The Thunderbolts "Stay With Me" Actitud, Garra y Corazon 2006
Supersuckers "Sunset On A Sunday" Get It Together 2008
Motley Crue "Welcome To The Machine" Saints Of Los Angeles 2008
Guns N'Roses "Rhiad And The Bedouins" Chinese Democracy 2008
Gluecifer "Desolate City" Kings Of Rock Best Of And Rarities 2008
Bettie Ford "The Big Getaway" Singapore Sling 2008
Black Stone Cherry "Ghost Of Floyd Collins" Folklore And Superstition 2008
Blood Of The Sun "Death Ride" Death Ride 2008
Dustsucker "Live In Sin" Diabolo Domination 2008
Medusa Stone "Rock'n'Roll Queen" Shaking Hands 2008
Rose Hill Drive "Trans Am" Moon Is The New Earth 2008
Tricky Woo "Lover Don't You Lie" First Blush 2005
Tito & Tarantula "After Dark" Tarantism 1997

Que el Martes sea mejor....

3 comentarios:

Capitain Poon dijo...

pedazo playlist. Muchas bandas buenas en el. Un saludo amigo


Esta semana has mejorado bastante (Qosa, Zep, ZZ Top, Hellacas, G´n´R, Supersuckers, Los Crue, Glucifer, Black Stone Cherry, Rose Hill Drive, Tricky y Tito). Muy bien.........

Babilonia Wild-Rock dijo...

Gracias Capi, muchas discos ya sabes de donde han salido....
Johns, sin que hayas venido tu, eh?.
Para el proximo te invito desde aquí.