martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Playlist de Anoche

Intentando volver a la normalidad.....

Little Caesar "Same Old Story" Redemption 2009
Black Robot "Baddass" Black Robot 2009
The New Black "Everlasting" The New Black 2009
Rhino Bucket "Know My Name" The Hardest Town 2009
Revolution Mother "Born To Rock'n'Roll" Rollin' With Tha Mutha 2009
Nashville Pussy "Ain't You Business" From Hell To Texas 2009
Angus Khan "Chainsaw Betty" Black Leather Soul 2009
Steadlur "Livin' A Lie" Everything Is Nothing 2009
Strike Twice "Never Let Go" Strike Twice 2009
Medina Azahara "Quien A Hierro Mata" Origen y Leyenda 2009
Barricada "Sotanas" La Tierra Está Sorda 2009
Katie King "Muda Estrella" Ex Nova 2009
Elvandar "Un Minuto" Nuevos Idolos 2009
O'Kunkillo "Devolucion Cero" Directo en Viña-Rock 2002
Zach Williams & The Reformation "Can U Fell Me" Electric Revival 2009
Howlin Rain "Dancers At The End Of Time" Magnificent Fiend 2008
American Dog "Just One More" Mean 2009
Electric Mary "No One Does It Better Then Me" Down To The Bone 2009
American Sixgun "Rockstar Never Die" The Devil In Your Bones 2009
Motorjesus "Fist Of The Dragon" 100000 Volt Survivor 2009
Hellfueled "Where Angels Die" Emissions of Sins 2009
Dream Theater "To Tame A Land" Black Clouds & Silver Linnings - Uncovered 2009
Backyard Babies "Electric Suzy" Them XX 2009
Electric Magma "Thirty Thousand Too Much" Mudshovel 2009
Brian Howe "Life's Mystery" Circus Bar 2010
Giant "Never Surrender" Promise Land 2010
Keel "Come Hell Or High Water" Streets of Rock'n'Roll 2010
Rick Springfield "What's Victoria's Secret" Venus In Overdrive 2010

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