lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Tal y como decia en el post anterior hoy dedicamos el programa al sello Frontiers Records y sus lanzamientos mas recientes.

Blanc Faces "I Come Alive" Falling Fall From Grace 06-11-2009
Cain's Offering "My Queen of Winter" Gather The Faithfull 28-08-2009
Cinderella "Night Song" Live At The Mohegan Sun 06-11-2009
Constancia "Fallen Hero" Lost & Gone 2009
Danger Danger "That's What I'm Talking about" Revolve 18-09-2009
Hardline "Voices" Leaving The End Open 17-04-2009
House of Lords "The Bigger They Come" Cartesian Dreams 18-09-2009
Jaded Heart "Love Is A Killer" Perfect Insanity 16-10-2009
JSS "Our Song" Beautiful Mess 20-02-2009
Lynch Mob "21st Century Man" Smoke & Mirrors 18-09-2009
Mastedon "Water Into Wine (Fassa Rokka)" -3- 06-10-2009
Mind Key "Sunset Highway" Pulse For A Graveheart 03-07-2009
Mr. Big "Addicted To That Rush" Back To Budokan 16-10-2009
Outloud "What I Need" Outloud 28-08-2009
Pink Cream 69 "Hell's Gone Crazy" Live In Karslruhe 16-10-2009
Praying Mantis "In Time" Sanctuary 05-06-2009
Saint Deamon "Deception (Reaper)" Pandeamonium 2009
Street Legal "Loading Up" Bite The Bullet 13-03-2009
Stryper Eclipse For The Son" Murder By Pride 28-08-2009
Vision Divine "The Killing Speed Of Time" 9 Degrees West Of The Moon 23-01-2009
Winger "Stone Cold Killer" Karma 16-10-2009

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