domingo, 14 de mayo de 2017

Playlist del lunes 8 de Mayo de 2017

Ana Popovic "You Got The Love"
Imelda May "Tribal"
Alabama Black Snakes "Railroad"
Royal Thunder "The Sinking Chair"
Adrenaline Rush "Adrenaline"
Night Ranger "Somehow Someway"
Emerald "Only The Reaper Wins"
Night Demon "Hallowed Ground"
Urban Sex Legends "I Wish I Had A Party Gun"
Stonerror "Misbegotten"
Wylde Zeppelin "Comunication Breakdown"
Mastodon "Show Yourself"
Downtown Losers "Vultures Drunkenness Blues"
The Electric Alley "No Control"
Holycide "Human's Last Dawn"

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