viernes, 1 de mayo de 2015

Playlist del lunes 27 de Abril

Helloween "Lost In America"
FM "Digging Up The Dirt"
Quaoar "Tough Guy"
Zebrahead "Playmate of the Year"
All Time Low "Kicking & Screaming"
As It Is "Cheap Shots & Setbacks"
Revolver Eleven "Dangerously Beautiful"
Ruynor "Hey Ho, Lemmy Go!"
Thunderheart "Show Them Our Fire"
Metallica "Hit The Lights"
Raven "Destroy All Monsters"
Tony MacAlpine "Exhibitionist Blvd."
Bonafide "The Game"
Hamlet "Nadie Mas"
Danko Jones "Woman I'm Here"
Hardcore Superstar "Glue"
Apocalyptica "Cold Blood"
Bachman "Bad Child"
Black Star Riders "Charlie I Gotta Go"
Blackberry Smoke "Let Me Help You"
The Answer "Last Days of Summer"
Vargas Blues Band "Run Away"
Van Halen "Mean Street"
Manilla Road "Reign of Dreams"
Snakeyes "Snake Pit"
Unleashed "A New Day Will Rise"
Morgoth "Nemesis"

El domingo como sabes se repite a las 21:00 hora peninsular española en Radio Consolación 95.5FM y ya lo tienes en Ivoox

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