domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Playlist del lunes 15 de Abril

Como siempre intentamos hacer  un programa de los mas variado, y esto es lo que salió:

Panico al Escenario "Tired of Profitability"
Deep Purple "All The Time In The World"
Volbeat "Pearl Hart"
Spiritual Beggars "Turn The tide"
Soundgarden "Been Away Too Long"
Clutch "Unto The Breach"
Black Pyramid "Bleed Out"
Lord Fowl "Dirty Driving"
Koritni "Sometimes"
Thin Lizzy "Chinatown"
Iced Earth "Watching Over Me"
Star Mafia Boy "Rock and Roll Business"
Muro Kill The King"
Tierra Santa "Perdido En El Paraiso"
Van Halen "Blood and Fire"
The dArkness "With A Woman"
Krokus "Better Than Sex"
Bullet "Get On"
Los Bastardos Finlandeses "Smikin' Dynamite"
Sodom "My Final Bullet"
Picture "War Horse"
Crucified Barbara "Rise and Shine"
Anthrax "Jailbreak"
The Homebreakers "So Little So Bitch"
The Bloodletters "Mama Said"
Citizen Brain "Fever Heart"

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