martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Playlist de anoche

Anoche el programa estuvo compuesto por......

Dr Feelgood "Who Do You Love" 
Hogjaw "Dirty Woman" 
General Store "Bread & Games" 
Cadaver Dogs "Slingshot" 
Trucker Diablo "Drink Beer, Destroy" 
Mississippi Bones "Crushed by the Weight of Monolith" 
Words of Farewell "Proyect: Daybreak" 
Skintrade "One by One" 
Paradise Lost "Crucify" 
Dark Tranquility "The Bow and the Arrow" 
Jumping Jack "Fucking Holidays" 
Running Wild "I Am Who I Am" 
Vendetta "Fragmented Reality" 
Kissin' Dynamite "She's A Killer" 
Savage "Wakint the Dead" 
Kentucky Bridgeburners "We All Know That Jesus Did..." 
Cobra "Cimmeria" 
Viaje a 800 "Tagarnina Blues" 
Sex Museum "Can You Stand My Love" 
Devil's Dandruff "Spread The World" 
The Smokers "Perdido" 
Talyiesin "Plaga" 
Banzai "Coche Rapido en la Noche" 
Fair Warning "Burning Heart" 
DR Feelgood "Hoochie Coochie Man" 

.... el domingo como sabes se repite de 21:00 a 23:00 en Pasion FM Radio

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