lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Accept "Balls To The Wall" sample with new singer Mark Tornillo 2009
Blaze Bayley "Blackmailer" The Man Who Would Not Die 2008
T. T. Quick "Front Burner" Metal Honor 1986
Iron Maiden "The Clairvoyant" Flight 666 Soundtrack 2009
Dream Theater "Forsaken (live)" Forsaken EP 2009
Therion "The Rise Of Sodom & Gomorrah" The Miskolc Experience 2009
Mind Key "Eye Of A Stranger" Pulse For A Graveheart 2009
Street Legal "Unconditional Love" Bit The Bullet 2009
Stratovarius "Deep Unknown (Mikko Raita Vynil Mix-Bonus Track)" Polaris 2009
Manowar "Thunder In The Sky" Thunder In The Sky 2009
Obituary "This Life" Darkest Day 2009
Black Label Society "Machine Gun Man" Skullage 2009
The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies "Magnolia" Magnolia 1996
Chickenfoot "Get It Up" Ciçhickenfoot 2009
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers "Crawling Up A Hill" Live At BBC 1965-1967 (2007)
John Fogerty "Up Around The Bend" Live Glastonbury 2007
Rick Derringer "The Mess Around" Knighted By The Blues 2009
Star Mafia Boy "Callejero (Maquillaje y Vino Barato) 2009
Kickin'Ass "Junkies of Rock" Always Going Fast 2009
Rockzilla "Staring At The Sun" Straight
The Crazy Mandingos "Realm Of Riders"
Green Manalishi "Take The Money And Run" Unknown Force 2007
Cool Panic "Never Die For You" Nowhere Earth 2006
Jukebox "Rara" We Only Wanna Rock 2005

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