lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Playlist de Hoy

Los Coronas "Hachas de Guerra" Surfin' Tenochtitlan 2005
John Fogerty "Don't You Wish It Was True" Revival 2007
Eli Reed & The True Lovers "Ace Of Spades" UK ep
The Solution "Phoenix" Communicate! 2004
The Muggs "Get It On" On With The Show 2008
The Dynaminds "Cold Place" Tunes From The Dusky Dirtzone 2004
The Sicarios of Rock & Roll "Please Don't Break The Bottle" Deep Black Heart 2008
Wiseguys "Afterburn" Burning The Tracks 2003
Vacazul "Mucho Mejor" Viene Tiempos 2004
Star Mafia Boy "Nuevo Comienzo" promo 2009
Uzzhuaia "Desde Septiembre" Destino Perdicion 2008
Torazinas "Mi Vida Cambio" Me Gusta Duro 2005
La Huella "Marea Negra" Siempre Hay Una Historia 2009
Armored Saint "March Of The Saint (2009 version)" Australian Tour Compilation 2009
Tim Ripper Owens "Belive" Play My Game 2009
Queensryche "Man Down!" American Soldier 2009
Pathosray "Sons Of The Sunless Sky" Sunless Skies 2009
Koritni "Nobody's Home" Game Of Fools 2009
Wildstreet "All The Young Dudes" Wildstreet 2009
Green Day "Know Your Enemy" 21st Century Breakdown 2009
The Glitterati "You Got Nothing On Me" The Glitterati 2005
The Retardos "Lovestick" The Retardos
Psychopunch "Inhale" The Pleasure Kill 2002
Hell Promise "Time Bomb" Aim For Hell 2006
Children of Bodom "Bed Of Nails" Hellhounds On My Trail 2008
Brutal Truth "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" Evolution Through Revolution 2009
Saint Deamon "The Deamon Within (Captain Of Metal)" Pandeamonium 2009
Street Legal "Starship Troopers" Bite The Bullet 2009
Wetton Downes "Twice The Man I Was" Icon 3 2009

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