martes, 30 de junio de 2020

Playlist del lunes 29 de Junio de 2020

Sam Barlow "Sittin in the Jailhouse"
The BC Combo "I Wanna Keep Laughing"
Wild Boogie Combo "Magic Pill"
Mezcaleros "Aussie's Still Burnin'"
Ago "Inhumanidad"
Alien Rockin' Explosion "We A.R.E. Rock!!"
The Last Renegades "Mr. Smile"
Magick Touch "(This Isn't) Your First Rodeo"
Black Night "Road to Victory"
Battle Born "Bring the Metal Back"
Palace "Final Call of Destruction"
Striker "Born to Lose"
Cancer "Ballcutter"

martes, 23 de junio de 2020

Playlist del lunes 22 de Junio de 2020

Blackberry Smoke "Midnight Rider"
Rawland "Blues Your Way"
Loverboy "Jump"
The Hellacopters "Toys and Flavors"
Whitesnake "Still of the Night"
Hank Von Hell "Radio Shadow"
H.O.T.D. "Cadillac Jack"
Rage "The Price of War 2.0"
Cro-Mags "Don't Give In"
Vicious Vision "Truth Is Sold"
Machine Head "Stop the Bleeding"
Lamb of God "Chackmate"

martes, 16 de junio de 2020

Playlist del lunes 15 de Junio de 2020

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne "Just Do It!"
Mike Zito "Don't Let The World Get You Down"
Stephen Dale Petit "Makin' It"
Jeremy Edge "Firedancer"
Mark S. Black "Shakedown Blues"
House of Lords "The Summit"
Terra Nova Kings "Back In the Saddle"
Psycle "King Without a Throne"
Marshall "Bitch Don't Cry"
Gablé "Call It Like It Is"
Shakedown Suzies "Buckle Up"
Electric Mob "Higher Than Your Heels"
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall "One By One"
BPMD "Evil"

martes, 9 de junio de 2020

Playlist del lunes 8 de Junio de 2020

The Sleep Eazys "Ace of Sapdes"
John Fogerty "Proud Mary"
North Mississippi Allstars "What You Gonna Do?"
Ths Tyrones "Who Do You Think You Are"
The Dirtyhands "Honey I'm Home"
Reese Van Riper "Bright Lights, Big Cities"
The Sweet "Set Me Free"
Kansas "The Song the River Sang"
Dramatica "Blood"
Wayward "Midnight Blood"
Buffalo Fuzz "My Cosmic Love"
Pale Divine "Satan in Starlight"
Wolftooth "Fear of Eternity"
Centinex "Only Death Remains"

martes, 2 de junio de 2020

Playlist del lunes 1 de Junio de 2020

Streamer "Northenr Raiders"
Cherokee "El Flautista"
Backstreet Girls "Motorhellway"
Stargazery "Self-Proclaimed King"
Wayward "Midnight Blood"
Hellbound "Too Fast To Die"
Highride "Superstarblind"
Vandenberg "Shadows of the Night"
Tokyo Blade "Story of a Nobody"
Ancillotti "Fighting Man"
Wolftooth "The Possession"
Grave Digger "My Final Flight"
Mountain Witch "Man is Wolf to Man"

martes, 26 de mayo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 25 de Mayo de 2020

Charlie Bedford "Steady Drivin Man"
Monkey Business "Roller Coaster Ride"
Lucifer "Coffin Fever"
Joe Satriani "Perfect Dust"
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "A.C.D.C."
Rose Tattoo "Nice Boys"
Sister Sin "Rock&Roll"
69 Shots "Bloody Mary"
Oz "Prison In Time"
Biff Byford "Hearts of Steel"
Pretty Maids "Loud'n'Proud"
Her Chariot Awaits "Misery"
Kvelertak "Stevnemote med Satan"
Hybrid Moon "The Call"

martes, 19 de mayo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 18 de Mayo de 2020

Dirty Black Shirts "On The Road"
Dirty Deep "When I'm Gone"
Rookie "Hold On Tight"
Horisont "Free Riding"
Alice Cooper "Don't Give Up"
Bacon Torpedo "Baby Snakes"
Voodoo Mansion "Well Well Well"
Ron Kell Band "Train Train"
 Seven Snakes "Horizont Lift"
Primal Fear "Along Came the Devil"
KillDaCane "Mirate En La Bota"
Obus "Rebeldes"
The Hammer Killers "Demoledor"
Paradise Lost "Ghosts"
Sylosis "Empty Prophets"

martes, 12 de mayo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 11 de Mayo de 2020

Little Richard "Tutti Frutti"
John Lee Hooekr Jr. "Preach It Like It Is"
Casey Kiser & the Jakewakls Saints "Right Back"
Dudu Ouchen "Don't Forget My love"
Bad Company "Here Comes Trouble"
Sammy Hagar "Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)"
Dirty Dogz "New Bitch"
Reason for Jack "Church of Jack"
Mekong Delta "Mental Entropy"
Skyrider "Virtual Humanity"
The Spirit Cabinet "Devils In The Deatils"
Trotoar "Far Away From Home"
Beard Jitsu "On Fire"
Destruction "Thrash Till Death"

martes, 5 de mayo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 4 de Mayo de 2020

Stratton Way "Mr. Nice Guy"
The Rolling Stones "Living In A Ghost Town"
Blue Plate Specials "Marjorie"
Broken Back Michaels "Caveman Call"
Mike tramp "The Road"
Stone Atlas "Two Itchin' Feet"
Shortino "Send In The Clowns"
Deathvalves "Fight The Fire"
Void Realm "Knife In The Dark"
Orange Goblin "Renegade"
Ghouls Come Knockin' "Battle Cry"
High On fire "Bat Salad"
The Black Daliah Murder "Godlessly"
Vader "Show and Awe"

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2020

Playlist del lunes 27 de Abril de 2020

Flat Five "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
The Steepwater Band "Trance"
Carlos Meza's Overdrive "Control"
A-Beat Combo "I'm Just Shakin'"
The Royal Beggars "Lonelu Dead Rose"
Little Villains "Taylor Made"
Old School Detention "The Fabricators"
Superhorror "Sultans of Sin"
Blizzen "Gates of Hell"
Wallop "Running Wild"
Saving Darkness "Coming War"
Fu Manchu "Time Is Going On"
King Witch "Body of Light"
Flashback "Darkened Plague"


martes, 21 de abril de 2020

Playlist del lunes 20 de Abril de 2020

Ana Popovic "Long Road Down"
Bruja "Jack Daniel's Blues"
Big Daddy's Breakfast Voodoo "Bag of Bones"
Claxon "Mercenario"
KillDaCane "Pavia Crucis"
No Good Sons "Highway Robbery"
Joe Satriani "Big Distortion"
Young Lust "Rebel Heart"
Mad Dog "Asesino"
Brass Owl "Land Shark"
Hyperion "Ninja Will Strike"
Motorjesus "Dirty Pounding Gasoline"
Parasyche "Te Importa una Mierda"

martes, 14 de abril de 2020

Playlist del lunes 13 de Abril de 2020

Mungo Jerry "Touch The Sky"
The Coffin Daggers "Black Sand Beach"
Pearl Jam "Whoever Said"
Blues Pills "Low Road"
Brian Tarquin "Distant Light"
Axel Rudi Pell "Wings of the Storm"
Her Chariot Awaits "Take Me Higher"
Living Dead Stars "Redeem Ourselves"
Metal Church "Dead on the Vine"
Sematary "Hexenhammer"
Predicador "El Brujo (El Carnicero de Blaviken)
Electric Mob "Upside Down"
Witch Taint "Death to Death Metal"

martes, 7 de abril de 2020

Playlist del lunes 6 de Abril de 2020

The Michael Mills Band "Stand Up"
Strange Majik "Edge of Trust"
Buffalo Summer "If Walls Could Spek"
Voodoo Six "The Traveller"
Notörious "Flying High"
Bonfiere "The Devil Made Me Do It"
Kashmir "Sweet Child"
KillDaCane "Enrrayaito Me Tienes"
Clutch "Cyborg Bette"
Def Con Dos "Resistiré"
Lethal Steel "Stay Away"
Paradise Lost "Fall From Grace"
Necrophiliac "Piper Leading Innocents"

martes, 31 de marzo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 30 de Marzo

Tesla "Call It What You Want"
J R Clark "Stop On A Dime"
Rory Gallagher "Moonchild"
Me and That Man "Ruh With The Devil"
Black Flowr Season "This Is Where You Escape"
Pappo's Blues "Auto Rojo"
KillDaCane "Ceviche Este"
American Concrete "Slippers"
Riff Raiders "Standing On My Own"
Black Bone Nation "Here I Am"
Ramlord "Love of the Damned"
Intense "Stand or Fall"
Candlemass "The Pendulum"
Necrophiliac "When Mother Ate Son"
Kreator "666 World Divided"

martes, 24 de marzo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 23 de Marzo de 2020

Deep Purple "Throw My Bones"
Siena Root "Organic Intelligence"
Luvifer "Ghosts"
Clutch "Willie Nelson"
17 Crash "Heroes"
Faling Black "Killer"
Gate Doors "I'm Fine"
Mustasch "Ransacker"
Black Phantom "Redemption"
Hellraiders "Starving for your Blood"
Grave Digger "All for the Kingdom"
Testament "The Healers"
Necrophiliac "Magma of Flesh (Beast of the Earth)
Thanatos "The Silent War"

martes, 17 de marzo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 16 de Marzo de 2020

Al Di Meola "Here Comes the Sun"
Sass Jordan "My Babe"
Hällas "Tear of a Traitor"
Gotthard "Bad News"
The Wildhearts "Dislocated"
The Goners "Are You Gone Yet?"
Wolf "Shoot to Kill"
Reece "Blood On Your Hands"
Burning Witches "Lucid Nightmare"
Demons & Wizards "Split"
Ambush "Leave Them to Die"
Stallion "No Mercy"
Testament "WW III"
Necrophiliac "Horseaters"

martes, 10 de marzo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 9 de Marzo de 2020

Pablo Días Sáen "Next Time You See Me"
Russ Ballard "Kickin' The Can"
Harem Scarem "Aftershock"
The Outlaws "Southern Rock Will Never Die"
Blackwater Conspiracy "Goodbye to Yesterday"
Ross the Boss "Glory to the Slain"
Body Count "Ace of Spades"
Sodom "Out of the Frontline Trench"
Necrophiliac "Hunting Humans"
Rosy Finch "Lava"
Fausto Taranto "La Presa"
Evil Hunter "Surf the Waves"
Trallery "Crystallizing"
Dr. Living Dead "Civilized to Death"

martes, 3 de marzo de 2020

Playlist del lunes 2 de Marzo de 2020

Jimmy Fox "Sick of You"
The Kleejos Band "Feather in my Cap"
The Electric Alley "Super Blood Blue Moon"
Wishbone Ash "We Stand As One"
The Night Flight Orchestra "Transmissions"
Byff Byford  "Welcome to the Show"
Confess "Malleus"
Crummy "Astral"
Angel Siniestro "Maldito Reino de Dios"
Body Count "Bum-Rush"
Dawn of Extinction "MTF"
Dr. Living Dead "Coffin Crusher"
Sinister "The Bloodfest"

martes, 25 de febrero de 2020

Playlist del lunes 24 de Febrero de 2020

Malone Sibun "Come Together"
The Kleejos Band "Son of a Bitch"
The Electric Alley "Celebration"
Los Farelli "El Bautizo"
Nikki Puppet "Shados and Lies"
Jorn "Needles and Pins"
Waiting for Monday "Until the Dawn"
Vessel "Vagabond Blues"
Heavy Preachers Club "Downhill With the Devil"
Void Droid "Super Ego Villain"
Kvelertak "Crack of Doom"
SDI "Trash"
Sinister "Black Slithering Mass"


jueves, 20 de febrero de 2020

Playlist del lunes 17 de Febrero de 2020

Rusty River "Right Back Here"
Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics "Drink This Party Dry"
Bad Religion "Punk Rock Song"
Paul Di'Anno "Prowler"
Black Swan "Shake the World"
Demons & Wizards "Wolves In Winter"
Battering Ram "Taking My Time"
Ozzy Osbourne "Straight To Hell"
Anvil "Legal At Last"
Evil Hunter "Evil Hunter"
SDI "Freeride"
Kvelertak "Discord"
Necrophiliac "GodBundy"